Not what you’re looking for? Find more news and events! On April 11, 2014, Remington Arms Company announced a voluntary recall of Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro (XMP) triggers, manufactured from May 1, 2006, to April 9, 2014. Engineers with Remington determined that some of these rifles, with the XMP triggers, could unintentionally discharge. Remington’s investigation determined that some XMP triggers might have excess bonding agent used in the assembly process, which could cause this unintentional discharge. Therefore, the company is recalling all affected products to fully inspect and clean the XMP triggers with a specialized … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing articles! Mid-April signals that time of the year to put your ice fishing gear away for another season. However, taking the time to properly store it during the off season will save you a ton of grief next winter. Start with your rods and reels. As a rule, only about half of the line on your ice fishing reel gets used. (There are exemptions.) That leaves half the line on your reel new and unused. But line that’s been spooled tight over long periods of time causes even the best line to … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for trout or char! When English anatomist Henry Gray published his masterpiece back in 1858, and then died shortly after of smallpox, little would he have realized that it would be well into its 40th edition by now and that Gray’s Anatomy (the textbook, not the TV series) would be a necessary component on the bookshelf of almost every medical student around the world. In his book, Gray matter-of-factly deconstructs the human figure into its constituent parts. Starting with cells and building the body up again through bones, joints, muscles, … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! G5 Outdoors recently introduced their all-new, full containment drop away arrow rest for 2014, the Cmax. With a full 360 degrees of containment, the Cmax has the versatility to take on any fletching orientation. The launcher arm can be activated by either the push button activation system or drawing the bow string. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Cmax has been cycled over one million times without losing a step. This drop away arrow rest has an extended arrow contact release timing for improved accuracy, while offering virtual … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye! It was early spring and I was at my favourite pike lake, Wabamun, near Edmonton, Alta. The ice had come off and my buddy Arnold and I were feeling great. We were on the water, chucking spoons, cranking plugs and having the time of our lives. Spring pike at Wabamun are almost always in shallow water and we knew that if we covered enough water we’d end up hooking into a big gator, or two, or three. So that’s how we liked to spend our time. … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for trout or char! A fishing adventure in the Northwest Territories From Edmonton to Yellowknife, and from Yellowknife to the most beautiful middle of nowhere that I have ever seen. Welcome to Yellow Dog Lodge. My husband, Jeff, and I were invited to spend five days fishing on the remote waters surrounding Yellow Dog Lodge, which is a short, 20-minute floatplane ride away from Yellowknife. Owner Gord Gin promised us lake trout, pike and walleye, but we still weren’t prepared for the exciting fishing action that awaited us in the … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Features: Seven generously sized interior and exterior pockets for complete storage of bows, arrows, accessories and range gear Sleek, modern design Rugged high-denier POLY construction Premium oversized No. 10 zippers with easy grab pulls Cavernous three-and-a-half-inch case-cube compatible, fleece-lined padded interior (case cubs sold separately) Fits most bows – interior dimensions are 45 inches by 17 inches 360-degree padding for complete bow protection Moveable bow-anchoring straps for rock-solid bow security Available in black or camouflage Join us on Facebook! Do you like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman … Read more »


Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting predatory animals! The Cessna Caravan’s left wing tipped down as the pilot guided the plane into a turn over the lodge and down the sandy air strip cut through the boreal forest. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as I looked out into the expanse of wilderness, unable to detect any indication of humans for as far as my eyes could see. There were no roads, cut lines, communication towers or distant communities. There was simply green forest and blue-water lakes stretching to the horizon. I tried … Read more »