The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment advises people to be cautious on all frozen water bodies, especially those that have aeration systems. Aerating a water body helps prevent winterkill, which occurs when aquatic plants either die or reduce their oxygen production, leading to fish kill. Aeration systems circulate fresh air into small, shallow fish bearing water bodies that are vulnerable to winterkill. Because the air bubbles up to the surface, there is often thin ice and open water near an aeration system. Water bodies with aeration systems are posted with warning signs and people are advised to stay clear of these … Read more »

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Fly fishing for species such as lake trout, bull trout or Arctic char in the frigid waters of the north requires some tough, specialized line. Thankfully, Rio Fly Lines have a model lineup that fits the bill perfectly — the company’s Specialty Fly Lines. The Rio Outbound is the ideal line for Arctic char or bull trout, or for any species that requires you to make long, accurate casts into turbulent water. The 37.5-foot head is heavier than usual lines, so it casts far with few false casts, which is important when you’re using a nine-weight rod. While it is … Read more »

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Sufix — in partnership with Gore, the makers of Gore-Tex Fabrics — has created a brand new breakthrough in fishing line technology: Sufix 832. Sufix 832 fishing line offers stealth technology that the company claims “will shake the fishing line industry to its core.” The combination of Gore’s expertise in advanced materials, Sufix’s capability and know-how with fishing lines and new R8 Precision Braiding Technology, results in the ultimate advanced technical fishing line, Sufix 832. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even More Hunting & Fishing Articles!) “Over the years, there have been … Read more »

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It is the battle cry of every fish and game club out there: “How can we attract more people to hunting and fishing?” And next to perhaps the gun registry and habitat loss, participation is the most talked about subject at outdoors-related gatherings. But I’m going to ask the tough question: Do you really want more hunters? Do you really want more anglers? Because if you got what you supposedly wished for, it would mean more competition for hunting grounds, more anglers on the lakes and rivers to disturb your peace and generally more people tramping around the back forty … Read more »

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My checklist for elk hunting in the mountains of Alberta and BC has been pared down to the bare essentials with the goal to travel light because elk hunts can be grueling affairs. I now wear full camouflage clothing — fall brown or fall grey depending on whether snow is absent or present, respectively — and light, sturdy, insulated hiking boots. Warm gloves are essential. I use light-weight 10×42 binoculars and make it a habit to check the focus when in the field. I don’t use a spotting scope when elk hunting the aspen parklands which have been my usual … Read more »

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Predator hunting: Consider the facts and it’s easy to see that the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan have a high density of predators. Mainstream game animals are on red alert, and rightly so; few other places in North America have the number of predators that we do. Something is always lurking in the woods and fields looking to prey on the vulnerable. On a positive note, this ever-present hazard for prey species, and a nuisance for some landowners, creates a world-class hunting opportunity for ambitious sportsmen. Paradigm Shift Required Big game and bird game hunters consider bedding … Read more »

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I have to say that I’m impressed with the stable of off-the-shelf products that rifle manufacturers are offering these days. It’s pretty hard to find a factory rifle that won’t shoot at least a 1.5-inch group at 100 yards and truthfully, with a little load tinkering, most will shoot right around One MOAWhile this is a high-end custom rifle, there is a lot that the hunter with an off-the-shelf rifle can do to make that rifle shoot better than ever imagined. 1 Break In & Cleaning: I would bet that less than 10 per cent of rifles are properly broken … Read more »

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Hoyt claims their 2011 Carbon Element is the pinnacle of the company’s engineering and design dominance — and it shows. Meticulously crafted utilizing a patent pending hollow carbon tube design with high-performance carbon fiber, Carbon Element is the lightest yet strongest bow the company has ever mastered. Not only does carbon provide for an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s also warm to the touch, which you will appreciate on those frigid hunts. Hoyt’s patent pending carbon tube design reduces sound and vibration to unbelievably low levels for the ultimate, stealthy setup. At 32-inch axle-to-axle, with all the high- performance technology … Read more »

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