Fly Fishing For Lake Trout & Char – Part One: Line Selection

Fly fishing for species such as lake trout, bull trout or Arctic char in the frigid waters of the north requires some tough, specialized line.

Thankfully, Rio Fly Lines have a model lineup that fits the bill perfectly — the company’s Specialty Fly Lines.

The Rio Outbound is the ideal line for Arctic char or bull trout, or for any species that requires you to make long, accurate casts into turbulent water. The 37.5-foot head is heavier than usual lines, so it casts far with few false casts, which is important when you’re using a nine-weight rod. While it is available in floating, sink-tip and full sink, with the WF9I/S3 and WF9I/S1 are the ideal choices for most applications in rough water.

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For a floating line, the WF9 Rio Pike line is perfect because of its ability to make accurate casts with large flies, and to stay memory free in cold water.

For trolling for species such as lake trout, try Rio’s Deep6 in weights up to WF9S. This will allow you to get your line into the strike zone easily, yet is still sensitive to feel every strike.

To find out more about these products, or to find a retailer, visit or phone 204.524.7760.

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