Gear Review: Hoyt Carbon Element

Hoyt claims their 2011 Carbon Element is the pinnacle of the company’s engineering and design dominance — and it shows.

Meticulously crafted utilizing a patent pending hollow carbon tube design with high-performance carbon fiber, Carbon Element is the lightest yet strongest bow the company has ever mastered.

Not only does carbon provide for an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s also warm to the touch, which you will appreciate on those frigid hunts. Hoyt’s patent pending carbon tube design reduces sound and vibration to unbelievably low levels for the ultimate, stealthy setup. At 32-inch axle-to-axle, with all the high- performance technology you can pack into a bow and racy cool looks, Carbon Element may be the world’s premier hunting bow.

Hoyt’s all-new In-Line Roller Guard minimizes friction and torque for increased speed, silence and accuracy — utilizing precision rollers and sealed bearings for ultimate reliability in all weather conditions. A totally silent riser shelf surface isolates the arrow from contacting the riser, eliminating unwanted noise in critical hunting situations. The Silent Shelf is engineered to eliminate noise created from today’s popular drop away rests. An offset stabilizer position optimizes weight distribution, and counter balances bow-mounted accessories — resulting in a steadier hold and a more accurate shot.

Hoyt’s hollow tube carbon riser design is the strongest yet lightest weight riser ever engineered. It reduces noise and vibration, is warm to the touch in cold weather hunting conditions, and Hoyt claims it’s been proven as the most advanced, toughest, highest performance riser platform ever built.

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