Take a rare step inside a 500-year-old collection from the world’s oldest gunmaker: Beretta. Family owned for five centuries, Beretta Arms Manufacturing Company is the world’s third-oldest corporation. Based in Gardona Val Trompia, in the Brescia region of Italy, the company is so ancient records of its early days are spotty— although most agree it was founded in roughly 1490. The first shipping order for Beretta, or Fabbrica d’Armi Peitro Beretta S.p.A., is dated 1526 — when Bartolomeo Beretta was in charge of the company. From then, 14 more generations of the Beretta family have run the operations of this, … Read more »

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You got your draw, you’ve bought your gear and you’ve taken the time off work — but there’s another facet of preparation you may be neglecting. It turns out, Western Sportsman can change lives. Last May, a television production company that is taking on a very noble goal this year contacted us. This production company is putting an entire northern British Columbia community on a healthy lifestyle program, aimed at battling sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition habits. Check the show out on CBC now, called Village on a Diet. Western Sportsman was contacted because one of the participants in the … Read more »

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Camping fans can now start their warm weather vacation planning in the cold of winter with more reservable sites to choose from and a new, earlier opening date for the BC Parks Discover Camping reservation service. The virtual doors are now open to book reservations – available for the first time online – for all group campsites and the Bowron Lake canoe circuit. Reservations for front-country campgrounds and the Berg Lake trail will start two weeks earlier than usual, on March 15, 2011, in response to public requests. The changes will result in more timely service and fewer delays in … Read more »

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Cold water survival: If you don’t wear a lifejacket, you could be in for a shock. When you head out on the water for a day of pleasure, the last thing you expect is tragedy. But did you know that 90 per cent of boating death victims were not wearing lifejackets? All sports fishermen, hunters and boaters need to be aware that falling overboard into water that is less than 15 degrees Celsius can cause cold water shock — and kill you. And in Canada, the waters we boat in during hunting and fishing season can be this cold for … Read more »

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Regular members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were Saskatchewan residents at the time of their recruitment or deployment from the province will now be considered Saskatchewan residents when fishing in the province. “The Government of Saskatchewan appreciates the valuable contributions that the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces make to our country and this is a way of formally recognizing their service,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said. Fishing is an integral part of Saskatchewan’s heritage. Saskatchewan residents enjoy lower fishing licence fees compared with Canadian residents. “Our province is known to have world-class fishing opportunities and now … Read more »

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This past fall, I had the chance to wear some of Remington’s new clothing items. I wore the Remington 4-in-1 parka, insulated pants and reversible bomber jacket. The jackets and pants were very warm and comfortable. I found the zippers very smooth and easy to operate, even while wearing gloves on cold days. I’m a gear freak and the jackets and pants had lots of good-sized pockets to carry my accessories. I really liked the fact that Remington made the snaps on the pockets rubber covered as they prevented unwanted glare and ensured quietness in the event my gun bumped … Read more »

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Manitoba’s first Winter Family Fishing Weekend will be held on the Louis Riel long weekend, Feb. 19 to 21, Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick announced today. “We encourage Manitobans and visitors to take advantage of this free ice-fishing weekend as a healthy winter activity and an opportunity to enjoy Manitoba’s great outdoors,” said Melnick. “This is a great way to share time with family and friends and take advantage of Manitoba’s world-class fisheries.” For this weekend only, Manitobans and visiting anglers will be able to ice fish without a provincial licence in all waters except those in federal parks where … Read more »

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Can there be peace between OHV riders and OHV haters? My mother’s outlook typifies a lot of people’s view on off-highway vehicles (OHV). In the bush behind her home, where she walks daily, it’s commonplace to see — and hear — dirt bikes and ATVs whizzing by on the trails. And my mom can’t stand them. However, a while back I brought a Polaris ATV to her house — bringing her face-to-face with her sworn enemy. And she loved it. She rode it more aggressively than I did! There you have it — when the roar of an ATV annoys … Read more »

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