Gear Test: Remington Clothing 4-in-1 Parka

remington_clothingThis past fall, I had the chance to wear some of Remington’s new clothing items.

I wore the Remington 4-in-1 parka, insulated pants and reversible bomber jacket. The jackets and pants were very warm and comfortable. I found the zippers very smooth and easy to operate, even while wearing gloves on cold days. I’m a gear freak and the jackets and pants had lots of good-sized pockets to carry my accessories. I really liked the fact that Remington made the snaps on the pockets rubber covered as they prevented unwanted glare and ensured quietness in the event my gun bumped into the snaps. The garments are soft and proved to be quiet even in cold weather, which makes them excellent for hunting. The material on these garments is very durable and didn’t seem to show any wear and tear over the course of the season or collect any burrs. The stitching on these garments is strong. I also found the material was good at blocking the wind and moisture, yet, remained breathable as I never overheated when walking long distances or performing heavy physical activities. I really liked that the pants had knee length zippers as they made it easy to put on and take off my hunting boots. The removable suspenders were also a nice feature and the zippered rear pockets prevented me from worrying about loosing my wallet while afield. As for complaints, I found the jackets and pants were a little bulky/puffy compared to some of the other garments I’ve worn. I found the sleeves on the jackets were a little on the short side, especially on the reversible bomber jacket. I found the Velcro cargo pockets were noisy and would prefer seeing them have zippers or snaps. 

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