Qualified Canadian Military Granted Saskatchewan Resident Status For Fishing

Regular members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were Saskatchewan residents at the time of their recruitment or deployment from the province will now be considered Saskatchewan residents when fishing in the province.

“The Government of Saskatchewan appreciates the valuable contributions that the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces make to our country and this is a way of formally recognizing their service,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.

Fishing is an integral part of Saskatchewan’s heritage. Saskatchewan residents enjoy lower fishing licence fees compared with Canadian residents.

“Our province is known to have world-class fishing opportunities and now armed forces members will have the opportunity to come home to Saskatchewan and fish with family and friends as residents,” Duncan said.

The amendments were made under The Fisheries Regulations and grant qualified armed forces personnel resident status for the purposes of fishing. Armed forces members currently stationed in the province already qualify as Saskatchewan residents.

Saskatchewan joins British Columbia, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, which also grant residency status to their Canadian Armed Forces members.

Amendments to the regulations also affect Royal Canadian Mounted Police members who are stationed and residing in the province. The amendment removes the three-month waiting period for RCMP members stationed in Saskatchewan, which is consistent with the current provisions of The Wildlife Regulations and The Open Seasons Game Regulations. (Saskatchewan Environment)

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