Swarovski Optik’s new EL 50mm binoculars with “Swarovision” technology specially developed for greater viewing comfort, especially for eyeglass wearers. Using a field, which the company claims helps to create a true image, it is possible to produce diamond-bright image resolution right up to the very edge of the field of view ensuring the finest detail without any edge distortion. Continue reading Read more »

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Canadian Resident White-tailed Deer Draw 2011 All Canadian resident hunters interested in pursuing white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan in 2011 will be required to submit an on-line application for a licence. Interested hunters will be able to select one wildlife management zone of their choice and then will be required to restrict their hunting activities to that zone. This draw will be similar to the Saskatchewan Big Game Draw in that up to four hunters can apply on one application and an individual hunter can only apply once. The hunter or hunters will select one wildlife management zone in which to … Read more »

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I have used spike camps to hunt mountain sheep, caribou, mountain goat, mule deer, elk, bears and even moose. In fact, I have taken my best Dall’s sheep, mule deer, mountain caribou, grizzly bear, and moose with the aid of a spike camp. But what actually is a spike camp? I suspect any number of hunters may describe them in somewhat varying terms but, from my perspective, they are lightweight camps that are usually located in the heart of game country — at times in their very living room, minimally equipped for limited stays, and are readily portable and mobile for quick changes in location to accommodate one’s search for game. Continue reading Read more »

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Is The Winchester SX3 Extreme Turkey — The Ultimate Turkey Gun? Whether you hunt southeastern BC, southern Manitoba and Ontario or Alberta’s limited entry draw — you know there are guns that one can use to hunt turkey and then there are “turkey guns.” Turkey guns are shotguns designed solely for the purpose of hunting turkey. The Winchester SX 3 Extreme Turkey is such a shotgun — and much more. I have been fortunate enough to have hunted wild turkey in Canada, the United States and in New Zealand and in all cases I have used a shotgun that was … Read more »

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Just introduced by Daiwa are two new finesse worm and jig rods with a solid SPX graphite tip. Called Mega Top, the new tip design promises greater casting accuracy and enhanced detection of subtle bites. Unlike ordinary solid tips, Mega Top is built with an exclusive process that distributes graphite fiber evenly with precise resin control. Continue reading Read more »

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The province has created a new provincial park surrounding Birch Island on Lake Winnipegosis to protect the important natural landscape and cultural values of the region, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced on March 3, 2011. Continue reading Read more »

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We’re almost done the trade show season — and it has been a great one! Did you stop by at any of the shows Western Sportsman was at this year? Saskatoon, Red Deer or Edmonton? We just finished the Edmonton Boat & Sportsman’s Show last weekend; this is always our busiest show (although Red Deer gives it a run for its money). I was really happy to meet a lot of you, our readers, and, frankly, a little surprised how many of you recognized me from my photo in the magazine. I’ve been meaning to get a better one taken… … Read more »

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Well, contrary to the belief of many Western Canadians, you can ice fish in BC. And with only a week left in the season (in most places), it’s time to dispel the myth once and for all with the Top Five ice fishing locations in BC: Continue reading Read more »

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