Canadian Resident White-tailed Deer Draw 2011 (Saskatchewan)

Canadian Resident White-tailed Deer Draw 2011

All Canadian resident hunters interested in pursuing white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan in 2011 will be required to submit an on-line application for a licence. Interested hunters will be able to select one wildlife management zone of their choice and then will be required to restrict their hunting activities to that zone.

This draw will be similar to the Saskatchewan Big Game Draw in that up to four hunters can apply on one application and an individual hunter can only apply once. The hunter or hunters will select one wildlife management zone in which to hunt. There will be no priority system or maximum quotas for this year. Therefore, in 2011 all hunters will be drawn. However, in future years, the draw may move to a priority pool system with a limited number of licences awarded per zone.

The draw will be by on-line application only, with no paper applications or phone applications accepted. The website for the draw will open on May 1 and close on May 31, 2011. Licences will be mailed prior to August 1, 2011.

Further details will be available in April. If you have any questions please call 306.798.4000 for further information.

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