Neither rain, snow nor submersion will prevent your tails from having back-up photos. The MINOX DC 9011 WP Camera features the ruggedness and top performance for any situation. The DC 9011 WP sets new standards in digital photography with MINOX. Boasting a sturdy body that is waterproof up to a depth of three meters, this compact digital camera repels dust, water, sand and salt. Specially designed for extreme conditions and rough environments, it is a must-have for those who love water sports and outdoor enthusiasts. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even More … Read more »

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Get those walleye to bite! Using soft baits for walleye. Learn all about kayak fishing! World Record Walleye Caught in Saskatchewan! On January 5, 2011, Tim Geni of Wilcox Saskatchewan caught and released a 33-3/4-inch (86-cm) walleye with a robust 19-3/8-inch girth at Last Mountain Lake. Up to that point, the current catch and release record ice walleye was a 32 inch walleye that was previously caught and released at Tobin Lake in 1998. On February 23, 2011, Geni got word that his whopper walleye was officially recognized as the World Record Live Release Winter Walleye in Division #4 Line/Pole-Ice … Read more »

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Hunters continue to play key role in monitoring the disease. Nineteen new cases of chronic wasting disease were identified among more than 5,000 hunter-killed deer tested in Alberta since September 1, 2010. The new cases involve 17 mule deer and two-white tailed deer. While testing on the deer received to date is now complete, the surveillance program continues year-round. Four new cases in wild deer were detected along the Red Deer River near Dinosaur Provincial Park. These mark the westernmost cases in the province. In addition, a new case east of Derwent is the first directly linked to the main … Read more »

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Just like a waterfowler or upland bird hunter relies on a specialized gun for ultimate performance under special conditions so should a turkey hunter. Turkey hunting is increasing in popularity — especially in BC and Manitoba, and even in Alberta where there is only a limited entry draw. In Ontario, it’s been popular for years! Gun manufacturers have recognized this and build special turkey guns and an array of after market products to turn almost any shotgun into a tack diving turkey gun. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even More Hunting & … Read more »

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Power, grace, speed and economy all mark the Jackal Crossbow, available only from the world’s number one maker of modern crossbows, Barnett Outdoors. The Jackal is a successful blending of style and performance with the design features all shooters look for in a high performance crossbow. The Jackal begins with a sleek, tactical style stock in black and HD camo that is both lightweight and compact with a divided fore grip that provides the ultimate in balance and comfortable shooting. The high performance Gordon fiberglass Quad Limb assembly combines smooth, high energy eccentric wheels with Barnett’s tough Crosswire string/cable assembly. … Read more »

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Winchester Ammunition continues to pioneer innovation and expand its rimfire offerings in 2011 by adding the Varmint HE™ 3/1 Segmenting expansion bullet to its rimfire hunting lineup. The unique 3/1 segment design exclusive to Winchester, features a 37 gr plated HP fragmenting  expansion bullet that delivers a blistering 1435 fps velocity, optimized for maximum accuracy. The programmed hollow-point fragments include three forward segments, plus a solid rear core designed to provide explosive impact energy plus penetration. In addition, the Varmint HE consists of non-corrosive priming and clean burning powder to generate a sure fire ignition every time. (Like what you’re … Read more »

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The Ministry of Environment is moving to immediately ban the import, possession and sale of all aquarium fish that the ministry has deemed to be aquatic invasive species like the northern snakehead in Saskatchewan. “Currently, we have regulations that deal with other invasive species; however, the regulations historically have not applied to aquarium fish as most of them are tropical fish that will not survive in Saskatchewan’s climate,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said. The ministry has asked the public not to purchase the northern snakehead, which was found available at some pet stores in the province. Ministry officials have also … Read more »

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Overcoming bad habits and recognizing the mistakes you commit can help lead anglers to more fruitful days on the water. Now is the time to forge forward with new habits and break the bad ones of yesteryear. Think of them as your new fishing resolutions for 2011. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even More Hunting & Fishing Articles!) 1 Putting Too Much Faith in Confidence Baits Anglers all have their favourite lures. However, changing your mindset and forcing yourself to get away from your comfort zone when it comes to lures will … Read more »

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