6 Mistakes Anglers Make

Overcoming bad habits and recognizing the mistakes you commit can help lead anglers to more fruitful days on the water.

Now is the time to forge forward with new habits and break the bad ones of yesteryear. Think of them as your new fishing resolutions for 2011.

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1 Putting Too Much Faith in Confidence Baits

Anglers all have their favourite lures. However, changing your mindset and forcing yourself to get away from your comfort zone when it comes to lures will increase your catch rates greatly. And really, what’s the point in lugging that massive tackle box if you’re only going to stick with one or two lucky charms? Learn to become proficient with a variety of lures and techniques this season.

2 The Sunshine Syndrome

Raise your hand if you’re a fair weather angler? It’s not a surprise that a large percentage of anglers schedule their time on the water to revolve around favourable and pleasant weather patterns.Force yourself to fish in less than favourable conditions this season. Inclement weather will often turn fish on, leading to invaluable feeding windows and better-than-average bites. You’ll also face less angling pressure, which is a bonus for you and the fish.

3 Sonar Un-Savvy

Sonar offers a wealth of fishing information that is invaluable to anglers when working the water.  And just like their nickname suggests, they really do find fish. But how many of us are truly using these units to their full capability? Sure they come with a myriad of bells and whistles, but each one serves a useful purpose. Sonar technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Staying current with these advancements can only mean one thing: more fish in the boat.

4 Turning Your Back on Detail

Anglers: attention to detail can have a significant impact on the amount of fish we catch, or more importantly, those that we are able to hook and ultimately land. Since beginning the fishing game we’ve all had the same advice drilled into us — sharpen your hooks, check your line and knot strength and reapply fish attractant regularly. Subconsciously we all know these ‘to-do’ items are necessary, but putting them into practice and making them a part of our regular routine can often be lacking.

5 Same Old, Same Old

How many of us anglers launch the boat into an expansive river or lake yet fish the same handful of spots time and time again? This is another common mistake we make as anglers and it can really handicap us when it comes to catching fish. Searching out new water can lead to great treasures, and some of my best fishing spots have come by way of exploration. Set a goal of fishing one new area each time you hit the water — no matter what. If the spot produces, add it to your list. If it fizzles, keep it in mind to try again during a different time period, in another season or when weather patterns are considerably different.

6 Lack of Mental Alertness and Concentration

Concentration is a key aspect of successful angling. When a big fish strikes, being alert and ready for battle will up the odds in your favour. Make each cast count, work the bait to your utmost capacity on each and every retrieve (sloppy casts or half-hearted cranks of the reel will not suffice) and mentally be in the game for your time out on the water. Trophy fish are a rare breed, so think of the next cast as being The One, and you’ll lessen the chance of losing it — or missing the strike completely — when the fish finally comes out to play.

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