Gear Review: Jackal Crossbow by Barnett Outdoors

Power, grace, speed and economy all mark the Jackal Crossbow, available only from the world’s number one maker of modern crossbows, Barnett Outdoors.

The Jackal is a successful blending of style and performance with the design features all shooters look for in a high performance crossbow. The Jackal begins with a sleek, tactical style stock in black and HD camo that is both lightweight and compact with a divided fore grip that provides the ultimate in balance and comfortable shooting. The high performance Gordon fiberglass Quad Limb assembly combines smooth, high energy eccentric wheels with Barnett’s tough Crosswire string/cable assembly. A lethal combination that produces arrow speeds of 315 fps.

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The Jackal weighs a light 7.7lbs, is 32.5″ long, 26.5″ wide and shoots a 20” arrow. The holding weight of the Jackal is 150lbs with a power stroke of 12” producing 95 foot pounds of energy. The Jackal comes as a complete package with Crossbow, Quick Detach Quiver, three 20″ arrows and Premium Red or Green Dot Scope. The Jackal has a suggested retail price of about $300.

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