Gear Review: Winchester Varmint HE 3/1 Segmenting Bullet

Winchester Ammunition continues to pioneer innovation and expand its rimfire offerings in 2011 by adding the Varmint HE™ 3/1 Segmenting expansion bullet to its rimfire hunting lineup.

The unique 3/1 segment design exclusive to Winchester, features a 37 gr plated HP fragmenting  expansion bullet that delivers a blistering 1435 fps velocity, optimized for maximum accuracy. The programmed hollow-point fragments include three forward segments, plus a solid rear core designed to provide explosive impact energy plus penetration. In addition, the Varmint HE consists of non-corrosive priming and clean burning powder to generate a sure fire ignition every time.

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“Without a doubt, Varmint HE ammunition provides explosive impact,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition.  “The 3/1 segmenting design makes this product truly innovative, but unlike other high energy bullets on the market, our new 3/1 fragmenting design allows initial impact shock, and deep penetration resulting in maximum terminal effect.”

The New Varmint HE Bullet Features:

  • Velocity: 1435 fps
  • Grains: 37 gr
  • Bullet Type: 3/1 segmenting expansion bullet
  • Cartridge: 22LR

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