Saskatchewan Bans Northern Snakehead Sales, Import

The Ministry of Environment is moving to immediately ban the import, possession and sale of all aquarium fish that the ministry has deemed to be aquatic invasive species like the northern snakehead in Saskatchewan.

“Currently, we have regulations that deal with other invasive species; however, the regulations historically have not applied to aquarium fish as most of them are tropical fish that will not survive in Saskatchewan’s climate,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.

The ministry has asked the public not to purchase the northern snakehead, which was found available at some pet stores in the province.

Ministry officials have also contacted pet stores throughout Saskatchewan and they have been informed of this risk and have been asked to not import or sell northern snakeheads in the province.

“In the meantime, a protocol to deal with existing snakeheads in the province is being developed to limit the potential risk to our aquatic ecosystem,” Duncan said.

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