Avoid rifle deterioration! Take proper care of your rifle, and it will last you a lifetime. The time between hunting seasons is a great time to not only wistfully ponder that new rifle you want to purchase — but also how to care for it after you have it safely tucked away in your gun safe. But if you have purchased — or are about to purchase — a new firearm, there’s an important first step — the break-in period. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even More Hunting & Fishing Articles!) The … Read more »

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Just introduced by Samurai is a new colour-coded braided line with a Fast-Spool package that makes spooling line onto your reel a snap. Lake trout in northern BC and Saskatchewan? Walleye in Alberta? Bass on the coast? Whatever you fish, this line will work for you. Part of Daiwa’s Samurai Braid line group, the new Accudepth line is designed to help you accurately measure the length of line you let out when trolling or deep jigging.  Every 10 yards, the line changes colour with narrow, yellow markings every yard. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition … Read more »

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Click here for tips about how to fish the Upper Bow River! Read about your six must-have lures to put the odds in your favour! Learn new ways to fish your favourite hot spots! Are you looking for the best fishing hotspots in Alberta? From the foothill streams, to the northern lakes and the southern rivers, Alberta shines in its variety. Read on for the top five places to fish in Alberta: 1. Kakwa River If ever there were a spot where the fish, the environment and the mountains have remained wild and untouched, the Kakwa River north of Grande … Read more »

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Winchester fans unite! In 2010 Winchester Repeating Arms brought back the longtime popular Model 94 lever-action rifle to their line of rifles.  For 2011 — two new Model 94 rifle models will be added to the line, a Sporter rifle and a handy Short rifle. And sportsmen have a reason to be excited. The new Winchester Sporter 94 will feature a 24-inch half-round, half-octagon blued barrel.  The rifle has a traditional straight grip stock with a crescent butt and blued steel buttplate.  The satin oil finished walnut stock is finely checkered in the familiar pattern with double-lined bordering.  The Sporter … Read more »

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One of Manitoba’s top camping destinations has experienced severe flooding, but the Selinger government is committed to repairing the damage with the hopes of having the campground open for Manitoba families this summer, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced in May. “Summer provides valuable time for families to get outside and enjoy Manitoba’s backyard in our provincial parks,” said Blaikie.  “As soon as the flood water recedes, our parks crews will work diligently to ensure Manitobans can access the campsites as soon as possible.” In mid-April, ice jams caused levels on the Assiniboine River to rise significantly, flooding the lower Kiche … Read more »

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This fiery recipe is just one more great reason for hunting bear. Perhaps you harvested a huge bruin in northern Alberta or on the coast of BC this year? Perhaps you have leftover meat from your northern Saskatchewan hunt last season? My motto, when it comes to cooking bear meat, is that if a recipe works for beef, it’ll work even better for bear! Well, at least any recipe that calls for long, slow cooking such as this mouthwatering stew that’s loaded with the lively spices of Indian cuisine. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition … Read more »

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Last year, salmon anglers enjoyed Luhr-Jensen’s new Shoehorn Spoon. The oddly balanced, lightweight spoon was a new presentation that salmon had nightmares about. Now, with the introduction of UV Bright technology to the colour scheme and a smaller size, salmon anglers’ dreams have really come true. UV Bright technology is the use of finishes, designed to enhance UV reflection by utilizing fluorescent colours, reflective surfaces and optical brightening technology. The Shoehorn Spoon’s unique hammered brass construction with genuine silver plating, paired with UV Bright technology, gives a proven lure the extra flare needed to put salmon in a hook-striking trance. … Read more »

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A couple of years ago, Bushnell revolutionized GPS technology by making it simple for everyone to use with the popular BackTrack (including this writer!). The BackTrack allows you to set a location you want to get back to with a press of a button. Simply follow the arrow and the distance shown so you never have to worry about getting lost again. For 2010 they have introduced two new BackTrack models to the market with a greater host of features, while maintaining the simple operation of the original model. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition … Read more »

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