Gear Review: Luhr-Jensen Shoehorn Spoon

Last year, salmon anglers enjoyed Luhr-Jensen’s new Shoehorn Spoon. The oddly balanced, lightweight spoon was a new presentation that salmon had nightmares about. Now, with the introduction of UV Bright technology to the colour scheme and a smaller size, salmon anglers’ dreams have really come true.

UV Bright technology is the use of finishes, designed to enhance UV reflection by utilizing fluorescent colours, reflective surfaces and optical brightening technology. The Shoehorn Spoon’s unique hammered brass construction with genuine silver plating, paired with UV Bright technology, gives a proven lure the extra flare needed to put salmon in a hook-striking trance.

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Extending the Shoehorn Spoon’s colour schemes to 29, the five new UV Bright color patterns are Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse, Fluorescent Green/Chartreuse, Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green, Fluorescent Pink/Chartreuse and Blue/Chartreuse available in sizes 004 and 005.

In addition to the new UV Bright colors, the Shoehorn spoon is now available in a smaller size, 003. Providing anglers with more options to match multiple applications, the Shoehorn Spoon gets salmon buffs in the game.

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