Gear Review: Samurai Accudepth Braid Line

Just introduced by Samurai is a new colour-coded braided line with a Fast-Spool package that makes spooling line onto your reel a snap.

Lake trout in northern BC and Saskatchewan? Walleye in Alberta? Bass on the coast? Whatever you fish, this line will work for you. Part of Daiwa’s Samurai Braid line group, the new Accudepth line is designed to help you accurately measure the length of line you let out when trolling or deep jigging.  Every 10 yards, the line changes colour with narrow, yellow markings every yard.

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An added bonus is the colour markings show at a glance when line is being pulled from the spool — very handy when a boat’s engine noise drowns out the sound of the spool click. Like Daiwa’s other braided lines, Accudepth line is woven from eight individual strands. The result is an extremely smooth and supple line, finer in diameter than most equivalent braid tests. Run it through your fingers and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Unlike most braids, it also breaks accurately at its rated breaking strength, a must for those seeking record fish.

For convenience in filling your reel, Accudepth comes in a Fast Spool package that helps you tightly wind line onto your spool.

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