Here’s some great news from our “brother” publication, BC Outdoors and their television program: BC Outdoors is proud to announce that the first season of our television show, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing, has been nominated for three Grizzly Awards! The prestigious accolades are presented by Canada’s hunting and fishing network Wild TV, who will be honouring the winners at a ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta on August 6th. It is the second annual presentation of the awards and BC Outdoors Sport Fishing will be vying for three prizes: Best Fishing – Fan Choice, Best New Show – Fan Choice, and Fan … Read more »

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Bushnell Outdoor Products has partnered with Scouting Assistant to introduce a new software application for Trophy Cam users. Field Scan Time Lapse software allows users to review days of time-lapse images in minutes thanks to sophisticated motion search technology. Bushnell introduced Field Scan technology with the 2011 Bushnell Trophy Cam line to help trail camera users more effectively pattern game and capture images outside the 45-foot motion activated sensor range. With Field Scan, users can set the trail camera to capture images at pre-set intervals of one minute to one hour, while simultaneously capturing live trigger images, becoming the first … Read more »

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New lightweight, compact binoculars from Swarovski! The compact, ergonomic design and light weight of the new CL Companion 30 combines make it a great entry-level model binocular that will be versatile for all hunting requirements. The bright, clear optics are lightweight making them ideal for active hunters or small-framed individuals. The CL Companion models come in 8×30 and 10×30 and in three different colours: green, black and sand-brown. With a field of view of 124 m/100 m to 1000 m the optics are easy to use for long periods of time. At only 500 grams (17 ounces), they are the … Read more »

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While Jellystone Park’s most notorious resident is known for his picnic-basket thefts, BC Parks’s official mascot has a decidedly less larcenous – and more athletic – reputation. Jerry the Moose is quite possibly the most active moose in B.C. As BC Parks official mascot, he skis, hikes, fishes, and travels around the province teaching kids about ecological conservation and outdoor recreation. The original Jerry – an orphaned baby moose – first visited a BC Park in the 1960s when a rancher in the Cariboo found the young moose wandering alone in the woods and adopted him. The orphaned moose had … Read more »

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Use these tactics to piece together the combination that’ll get inactive walleye to strike. It’s happens to most anglers. We find walleye but they reject lures like snobby gourmets at a roadside chip stand. However, even when fish are fickle, they can often be coerced to chew. The challenge is finding the specific presentation to enchant a strike when fish are fasting. Adopting a problem-solving approach and systematically experimenting with different tactics will put choosy walleye in landing nets on lakes, rivers and reservoirs. The following’s a trouble-shooting guide for triggering picky pickerel. Speed Demons Bait’s pace is a significant … Read more »

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Straightforward it is, but screw up your draw, anchor, aim or release and shot opportunities can go south in a hurry. Shooting a bow with accuracy requires technical expertise. Several muscle groups are mobilized and it demands both mental and physical commitment. Pulling the string, employing consistent form, controlled breathing, concentration and a fluid release all play a vital role in delivering an arrow with downrange accuracy. Shooting at a fixed range, or even on a dynamic 3D course, can be tough enough. Transfer this procedure to a hunting situation and a multitude of variables bombard the senses compounding the … Read more »

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Learn how to fish from a kayak! Six fishing lures you can’t be without! Saskatchewan government reduces fishing red tape in 2013. Fishing hot spot guide: With so many excellent lakes and rivers to choose from, Saskatchewan offers the resident and visiting angler alike an almost bewildering selection of world class waters. 1. Churchill River For sheer numbers of healthy, scrappy river walleye, it’s hard to beat the Churchill River. This historic waterway is accessible by road at several points — Highway 102 north from La Ronge, then Highway 915 to Stanley Mission takes you to a small settlement with … Read more »

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Moose Hunting Restrictions Give Populations Time to Recover, Stabilize, says government. Moose hunting seasons have been cancelled in the Porcupine Mountains (Game Hunting Areas 13 and 13A) for 2011, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced today. “Appropriate management of our wildlife resources is very important to the future sustainability of Manitoba’s moose population,” said Blaikie.  “Investigation results have shown significant signs that the Porcupine Mountains moose population is under stress and needs time to recover and stabilize.” Aerial surveys in early 2011 showed a decline in population indicators such as bull/cow and calf/cow ratios in Game Hunting Areas (GHAs) 13 and 13A. … Read more »

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