4 Fly Patterns For Stillwater Trout Fishing

Fly fishermen: if you can’t locate big, stillwater trout… Find Them With Forage!

Here are four fly patterns from Phil Rowley to help you located and hook into big, stillwater trout right across Canada.

Balanced Leech

Hook: Mustad R50-94840 #10-#12 or Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook 32833BLN #8-#10

Thread: 8/0, Colour to Match Body

Tail: Stillwater Solutions Strung or Long Marabou, Mixed With a Few Strands of Holographic or pearlescent Flashabou

Rib (For Dubbed Versions Only): Wire, Fine, colour to compliment body

Body: Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend Dubbing, or Crystal Chenille

Bead: Gold or Black Tungsten, Mounted on a Straight Pin and Secured to the Hook Shank

Tying Note: Tie this pattern in a variety of colours including brown, olive black and white.

Ice Minnow

(Designed by Bob Morenski)

Hook: Mustad R74 9672 #4-#6

Thread: 6/0 Red

Tail: Black Marabou mixed with Pearlescent Crystal Flash

Rib: Silver Wire, small

Back: Black Crystal Chenille, medium

Body: Diamond Dub, Silver

Bead: Silver

Marabou Thunder Creek Minnow

Hook: Mustad R52S or S71SZ-34007 #4-#10

Thread: 8/0 Red

Body: Holographic Mylar, Silver

Wing: Olive marabou, mixed with a few strands of pearlescent Crystal Flash

Belly: White marabou

Eyes: Prism Tape Eyes

Tying Note: Cover entire head and eyes with Tufleye or UV Knot Sense

Squirrel Zonker

Hook: Mustad R52S or S71SZ-34007 #4-#10

Thread: 6/0 White

Rib: Fine Silver Wire

Body: Green Frostibite, Diamond Braid or Poly Braid

Wing: Narrow Zonker strip, cut from tanned squirrel, natural grey or olive

Grills (Optional): Tuft of Red Marabou

Eyes: Prism Moulded Eyes

Tying Note: Cover entire head and eyes with Tufleye or UV Knot Sense

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