When I was presented with the opportunity to field test the new Triumph .50 calibre magnum muzzleloader from Thompson/Center (T/C), I jumped at it. Muzzleloaders and I go back a long way, well over 30 years in fact.  I have owned at least a half-dozen different makes and models from an old Hawkins to a modern in-line or two. I have also shot my best whitetail buck, a buck that topped 180 Boone and Crockett points, with a muzzleloader. The world of the modern muzzleloader hunter however has changed markedly over the past decade, as not only have their rifles … Read more »

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EDMONTON, Alberta (July 20, 2011) – Upland Birds Alberta (UBA) is working with NGOs, private and government partners to influence greater investment in the province’s pheasant release program. “Pheasants and pheasant hunting have been an integral part of Alberta’s rural fabric for the last century, but if we don’t act now we’re liable to lose this tradition forever,” said Stan Grad, Director of UBA. “We want to unite the Provincial Government, conservation NGOs and the private sector in reinvesting in the pheasant release program to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy these traditions, just as we’ve been … Read more »

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Once the animal is downed, the real work begins — here is how to get your game animal out of the woods. I was sure that I was going to expire somewhere along the trail while trying to get the first couple of moose I shot out of the bush. The second will particularly live on emblazoned in my mind as something never to be repeated. Deep within the recesses of Alberta’s eastern slopes and in excess of 30 km from camp, I took it upon myself to shoot a bull. Then in my youthful naivety, being unaware of how … Read more »

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Going camping? The BC Ministry of Environment says: “Do it responsibly and don’t get fined.” As British Columbians head out camping and hiking to celebrate BC Day, it’s extremely important the great outdoors are enjoyed responsibly. Compliance and enforcement officers, conservation officers and recreation officers will be on patrol this weekend, ensuring people are following campfire safety regulations. The regulations, introduced last summer, state that campfires cannot be larger than 0.5 metres in height and 0.5 metres in diameter (approximately a foot-and-a-half by a foot-and-a-half) and a shovel or at least eight litres of water must be stored nearby to … Read more »

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Simplicity is the name of the game with Leupold’s new RCX Trail Camera — simplicity in use, that is — it’s a high-tech offering to be sure. Leupold’s line of trail cameras puts user-friendly operation in the forefront. View photos in the field? Yes. Make real-time adjustments to several cameras at once? Easy. Download photos without removing the camera from its field location? You bet. All of this is thanks to the unique, separate control unit that one can easily connect to the camera. Plus, the compact camera unit features a 45-degree sensing coverage to 45 feet, and 10-degree out … Read more »

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Here’s an Old World recipe that turns ground game into a trophy meal: Venison Perogies! It’s impossible to pinpoint the origin of perogies as many European countries, especially those in Eastern and Central regions such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia, lay claim to the fame of inventing one form or another of these tasty creations that are, without doubt, the most multicultural dumplings in the world. Even though there’s endless dispute over which country deserves credit for concocting the crafty idea of perogy making, most connoisseurs will agree on one thing — no matter which cultural influence the dumplings … Read more »

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Two North Battleford area men pled guilty to five charges under The Wildlife Act and The Outfitter and Guide Regulations for illegal outfitting and export of wildlife and were fined a total of $24,500 in provincial court in North Battleford. Charles and Neal Meechance of Cando were each convicted of the charges. Charles received a total fine of $21,000 for three of the charges, and in addition, also received a five-year hunting licence prohibition. Neal received a total fine of $3,500 for the other two charges and also received a two-year hunting licence prohibition. The charges were laid as the … Read more »

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Combining an incredibly smooth draw and feel with blistering, 345 fps, speed, PSE’s new Dream Season EVO is one serious contender in the compound bow market this year. Add in PSE’s new Planar Flex Riser and revolutionary Centerlock Pockets, which combine to create superb rigidity and alignment, and you have one seriously fine hunting bow. Further, the company’s Vibracheck backstop terminates string vibration immediately. This bow model ships in the 29-inch draw setting but will adjust to fit anyone with a draw length ranging from 25-1/2 – 30 inches in half-inch increments with a simple inner module adjustment. (Inner modules … Read more »

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