I must concede that if I were to go looking for a new shotgun my first instinct would be to head straight for a shop that handled Beretta. I have owned more than a few makes and models from competition trap guns and high grade Over/Unders to my present three auto loaders. All have performed flawlessly; none have ever let me down, even under some less-than-friendly field conditions. Out of the box they just seem to fit me so well that I have yet to feel the need to fiddle with stock adjustments. This translates into both confidence and dead … Read more »

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For a rifle to make the grade as a “Predator Rifle” it must achieve a number of things. First and foremost, it must be very accurate — and by that I mean it should shoot consistent sub Minute Of Angle (MOA) three-shot, 100-yard groups. Or even better yet, if it can shoot half-inch, 100-yard groups, the rifle has now entered the realm of what I would consider a “keeper.” The reason being that the kill zone on a coyote, minus all that long hair, is actually quite small — no more than six or seven inches and out at 400 … Read more »

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Although this appears to be a busy year for cougar-human conflict,= in British Columbia, in fact, it is not unusual when compared to other years. Between April 1 and Sept. 7, 2011 – the busiest time of year for cougar sightings – the Ministry of Environment received 1,362 complaints about cougars. By comparison, the ministry received: 1,854 complaints in the fiscal year 2010-11. 2,242 complaints in 2009-10. 1,792 in 2008-09. To date, 43 cougars have been killed in 2011 – 27 by conservation officers (COS) and 16 by others such as the RCMP or members of the public. During a … Read more »

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Gear Review: Successful waterfowl hunters understand the importance of having a realistic decoy spread. Do you want to be a successful hunter this season? Ducks and geese see a lot of different presentations during the season and become wary as hunting pressure increases, making it increasingly important to have a collection of lifelike decoys. You need to check out these great new decoys from Final Approach! Final Approach, a leading developer of waterfowl products and accessories, has introduced FA Gunner floating feeding Mallards to help add extra realism to the hunter’s arsenal of decoys. The Mallard decoys are available in … Read more »

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One of the most popular ATVs on the market is back with a vengeance in 2012 — the Grizzly 550 FI EPS. With an EFI 558cc single-cylinder, cold starting ease and smooth, reliable power is a given — and Yamaha’s fantastic electronic power steering reduces operator fatigue on those long backwoods trips. Ground clearance is a huge 11.8 inches (30 cm), fuel capacity is a cavernous 20 litres and push-button four-wheel-drive makes rough terrain a breeze. Join Us On Facebook! Do You Like What You’re Reading? Subscribe To Western Sportsman Print Edition Today!    

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With a 951 cc fuel-injected V-Twin, the 2012 Prowler XTZ 1000i is built to take on tough roads and tough jobs. Featuring 25-pound (11.3 kg) capacity underhood storage, power steering, digital and analog gauges, 14-inch wheels, electronic two-wheel-drive, four-wheel drive and front differential lock, this is one great offering from Arctic Cat. Add to that 10 inches (25 cm) of ground clearance, 1,500 pounds (680 kg) of towing capacity and 600 pounds (272 kg) of storage capacity and you’ve got one fantastic machine. Join Us On Facebook! Do You Like What You’re Reading? Subscribe To Western Sportsman Print Edition Today! … Read more »

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Pressure-cooking your moose takes the pressure off the same old question, “What’s for supper?” When there’s a pressure cooker in the kitchen and a stash of moose in the freezer, you’re just minutes away from a hot and hearty supper any night of the week — even hectic working days when the pressure’s on for a meal that’s not only quick and easy, but delicious to boot! A pressure cooker cuts cooking time down to one-third or less than standard cooking methods.  For instance, a stew takes only 20 minutes in a pressure cooker, pot roast less than an hour … Read more »

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Successful bow hunters capitalize on opportunities but they also know that understanding limits and critical decisions are part of the game. Bow hunting is an activity fraught with decisions. We all pick up a bow because of the challenge, but along with our newfound pastime come responsibilities. Those responsibilities demand that we make decisions based on an understanding of our limits and how best to capitalize on opportunities to ensure the most ethical and expedient kill possible. Culminating in the release of an arrow, the ultimate decision we bow hunters make rests in how we interpret the shot and go … Read more »

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