Firearms Transport Laws

This was passed on to me from Clark Gatehouse, president of the Pemberton Wildlife Federation, in Pemberton, BC. Something to keep in mind this hunting season:

As hunting season approaches, below you’ll find a useful document to have handy for the RCMP. CO’s all know firearms laws, but not all RCMP do, and it can get confusing at times. Download and print this out and keep it handy:

All hunters and shooters need to educate themselves. If you’re ever caught in this situation — know the law and know your rights.

Carry a copy of the storage/transport regulations in your vehicle. If an officer insists that you are breaking the law, but you know he’s wrong be calm, be cool, and respectfully request that a supervising officer attend the scene — don’t let them take your guns if you know you’re not breaking the law.


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