Gear Review: Final Approach Gunner Feeding Mallards

Gear Review: Successful waterfowl hunters understand the importance of having a realistic decoy spread. Do you want to be a successful hunter this season?

Ducks and geese see a lot of different presentations during the season and become wary as hunting pressure increases, making it increasingly important to have a collection of lifelike decoys. You need to check out these great new decoys from Final Approach!

Final Approach, a leading developer of waterfowl products and accessories, has introduced FA Gunner floating feeding Mallards to help add extra realism to the hunter’s arsenal of decoys. The Mallard decoys are available in two-pack sets that include a drake and hen. Designed by acclaimed decoy artist Marty Hanson, the decoys offer the most lifelike anatomy on the market, and feature a vivid custom paint scheme. Each decoy is complete with weighted keels for a realistic on water.

Pair the floating feeding Mallards with a six-pack of FA Gunner floating Mallards to enhance the realism of the spread.


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