Gear Review: Scent-A-Way Aerosol

Control your stink! Hunter’s Specialties new Scent-A-Way aerosol advanced formula spray provides the same proven human scent control as the original packaging in a handy aerosol form that eliminates spills and waste.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula aerosol spray combines four key elements to help prevent and control human scent: molecular conversion, oxidizing, bonding and neutralizing in a laboratory tested formula that has been proven highly effective. The new aerosol container allows for a continuous spray – even with the can upside down.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula spray is all natural, environmentally friendly and won’t harm the skin. It is safe to use on all materials and will not stain or fade clothing.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula spray is available in original formula or Earth Scent. It comes in a convenient 16 oz. can and sells for a suggested retail price of $8.99.

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