Amendments to Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations

Amendments to The Fisheries Regulations now prohibit Saskatchewan residents and visitors from importing, possessing, transporting or selling aquatic invasive species that are considered to be a potentially significant risk to Saskatchewan waters.

“The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to ensuring a healthy and sustainable fishery for the benefit of all residents and visitors to the province,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said. “There are a number of aquatic species that are not native to the province that if allowed to enter our waters, could negatively affect the province’s native aquatic plants and animals.”

The previous regulations did not ban aquatic invasives from the province or address the importation of these aquatic invasive species by the aquarium industry.

Most tropical fish that are imported would not survive in Saskatchewan’s climate.

In March of this year, however, it was reported that some pet stores were selling an invasive species of fish, the Northern Snakehead, which could survive in Saskatchewan waters.

Several other provinces have already implemented similar bans on aquatic invasive species.

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