Gear Review: Hornady Zombie Max Ammo

Hornady unveils Zombie-MAX ammo – the first-ever ammunition designed to shoot zombies. For real.

Hot on the heels of AMC’s premier of the second season of the hit TV show THE WALKING DEAD, Hornady has unveiled Zombie Max (Z-Max) ammo — the first ammo specifically designed for the impending zombie apocalypse.

In their words: “Be PREPARED – supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max™ ammunition from Hornady®! Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets… yes, PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets (have you seen a Zombie?). Make sure your “bug out bag” is ready with nothing but the best!”

My favourite is the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Hornady Zombie Max ammunition is NOT a toy (IT IS LIVE AMMUNITION), but is intended only to be used on…ZOMBIES, also known as the living dead, undead, etc. No human being, plant, animal, vegetable or mineral should ever be shot with Hornady Zombie Max ammunition. Again, we repeat, Hornady Zombie Max ammunition is for use on ZOMBIES ONLY, and that’s not a nickname, phrase or cute way of referring to anybody, place or thing. When we say Zombies, we mean…ZOMBIES!

This cartridge is available in 9mm Luger (115gr Z-Max), 40 S&W (165gr), 45 Auto (185gr), 223 Rem (55gr), 7.62×39 (123gr), 308 Win (168gr) and 12 gauge (00 Buck Shot).

We’re not kidding here.

Are You Looking For The Perfect Gun For This Ammo?

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