Before the introduction of modern treestands, stalking game was the only method of hunting and in some countries this is still the prevalent method of the indigenous people. While it is certainly true that hunting deer from treestands has proven to be the most successful hunting tactic for a number of reasons, there are times when spot-and-stalk can be more rewarding and productive. In open areas where there aren’t any suitable trees to hang a stand stalking up on deer is the only option available. There are other instances where I prefer stalking deer. The rut is one example where … Read more »

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Anyone interested in getting into reloading has to check out Lyman’s Master Reloader’s Kit. Besides having the newest reloading manual, the kit includes T-Mag or Crusher Press, 1,000-grain electric scale, powder funnel, priming arm and catcher, #55 powder measure, case lube kit, loading block, auto primer feeder and much more. It is a complete set to start the reloading process and the most economical way to get everything you need. Join Us On Facebook! Do You Like What You’re Reading? Subscribe To Western Sportsman Print Edition Today!  

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To accommodate the smaller-framed shooter and hunter, Browning is now offering the X-Bolt rifle in the Micro Midas line. The rifles feature all the innovative characteristics of the X-Bolt line but in a more compact and lightweight package. With a blued receiver and 20-inch barrel, the rifle has a sporting look and a checkered walnut stock. It features a 60-degree bolt lift, adjustable Feather Trigger, detachable rotary magazine, top tang safety and bolt unlock button. Total length of pull is 12-½-inches, overall length is 38-1/8 inches and weighs just six pounds, one ounce. Join Us On Facebook! Do You Like … Read more »

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It’s almost ice fishing season in Saskatchewan! Check out these local waters: Lake Diefenbaker, located southwest of Saskatoon and northwest of Regina, is a sprawling reservoir was created as an impoundment of the South Saskatchewan River by the Qu’Appelle and Gardiner dams. It holds pike, walleye, burbot, perch and rainbow trout. In fact, in the past two years, rainbow trout exceeding 30 pounds have been caught during the open water season! Ice anglers can access the lake at several points — Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park and Riverhurst on the western arm; the town of Elbow, or Danielson and Douglas Provincial … Read more »

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It’s every sportsman’s dream — a trophy room in your own house. We all start the same. We finally get a 10-point buck and we want to preserve the memory of not only the animal but the hunt as well. Or maybe it was that monster pike that finally pushed the scale beyond the 20-pound mark, in either case it’s the same. So we ask around about getting it mounted and eventually it makes its way back into your home as your first mounted trophy. For many of us this first trophy is just the foot in the door as … Read more »

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Winchester Ammunition has introduced one of the most innovative new shotshell designs that combines groundbreaking, stacked HEXShot technology and the new Diamond Cut Wad in a deadly waterfowl load. Loaded with 100 per cent HEX Shot, there are more pellets on target, a larger kill zone and more trauma-inducing pellets — meaning quick kill shots. Stacking pellets allows for 15 per cent more shot in each shell.  The Dryloc system seals out water and moisture and is corrosion resistant for improved patterning and consistent velocities. Join Us On Facebook! Do You Like What You’re Reading? Subscribe To Western Sportsman Print … Read more »

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This hunting season the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and the Canadian Co-operative Wildlife Health Centre will be conducting targeted Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) testing in both east central and south western Saskatchewan. CWD is a fatal neurological disease that can affect all cervids, including deer, elk and moose. To determine an accurate estimate of the prevalence of the disease, the ministry requires a minimum of 600 samples over a three-year period from each Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ). “We hope that by making the process of head submission more convenient, more hunters will be able to help us in assessing the … Read more »

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Grouse Satay: A satisfying appetizer that stretches a couple upland birds to the max. I love recipes that can really make a little meat go a long ways — especially when the day’s bounty of a bird or two has to be shared with the whole hunting party. When there’s not enough meat to go around to all as the main course dish, then do as I do and treat the gang to a delicious bite by serving your prize in appetizer fashion. Satay, or as some folks spell it, sate, is the national dish of Indonesia where it is … Read more »

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