Gear Review: Bushnell Trophy Cam

Bushnell’s new Trophy Cam series of trail cameras now feature a 45-foot motion-activated sensor, 32 low-glow LEDs standard and the new Field Scan feature which allows users to record game activity around the clock.

The Field Scan time-lapse technology automatically captures images at pre-set intervals, from one minute to 60 minutes, allowing users to pattern game and expand coverage beyond the sensor range. The Trophy Cam is the only camera in the industry with the ability to capture live trigger and time lapse images simultaneously. The Trophy Cam features an enhanced full color resolution of 8 MP and a new audio-record feature that enhances the camera’s impressive video functionality. To ensure the user never misses an image, the 32 GB memory capacity allows user to capture more than 20,000 photos on a single memory card.

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