Gear Review: Hornady .17 Hornet

Sting ‘em with Hornady’s new .17 Hornet!

Based on the 22 Hornet cartridge case, the .17 Hornet propels the 20-grain V-MAX at 3,650 fps. Fueled with Superformance propellent, the 17 Hornet Superformance Varmint is economically priced, and delivers the trajectory of a traditional 55-grain 223 load, but is a pleasure to shoot with the felt recoil of a .22 WMR. The 17 Hornet – an economical, fun .17 calibre centerfire cartridge that puts the Sting on varmints out to 300 yards!

The .17 Hornet Features:

  • 3,650 fps muzzle velocity with a 20 gr. V-MAX bullet
  • Same C.O.L. as the .22 Hornet – uses the existing action
  • Trajectory comparable to a traditional 55 gr .223 Rem, but the felt recoil of a .22 WMR
  • Less fouling, barrel wear, powder and pressure compared to the .17 Rem
  • Lower cost and comparable quality to the .17 Fireball and .223 Rem

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