Attention turkey hunters in BC, Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario: The New H.S. Strut Sawed Off Box Call From Hunter’s Specialties Works Great For Running And Gunning! The new H.S. Strut Sawed Off box call from Hunter’s Specialties offers turkey hunters the chance to have a true custom made call at a great price. The Sawed Off box call features a one-piece poplar body and a cherry wood lid. The call is compact and easy to carry and works great for spot and stalk hunting. It easily produces a wide range of turkey sounds. The call is a traditional non-waterproof design for … Read more »

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If you want precision accuracy, you’ll need to learn precision reloading skills. There are three levels of reloading: basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic is reloading at is simplest; a mere matter of using a loading press to install a primer in a case, placing a measured charge of powder in the case and then inserting a bullet to form a finished cartridge. Intermediate is where we start to get serious about all aspects of reloading with the intention of not only producing a less expensive cartridge but also a much more accurate one. Advanced is yet another level of reloading, … Read more »

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Magellan and Good Sam Club Deliver New Recreational Vehicle GPS Device that Features High-Resolution 7” Screen, Customized RV Routes, AV Input, and the Trailer Life RV Parks & Campground Directory. Magellan is set to introduce a new device to its line of GPS navigation products specifically designed for RVers. The RoadMate RV9145 navigator features an extra-large high-resolution 7” display and customized routing based on a vehicle’s profile and driver preference. It comes pre-loaded with the Magellan exclusive Good Sam Trailer Life RV Parks & Campground Directory; maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; and, over six million points … Read more »

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Self-inflating sleeping pads from Browning Camping are a must for the backpacking hunter! If you haven’t seen Browning Camping’s lineup, you’re missing out. Check out their sleeping pads. Available in sizes regular, long, XL and double (as well as just a seat), these Jet Stream Polyurethane Open Cell Foam pads self-inflate, are made of tough material, have brass valves, come with a stuff sack and repair kit and even feature the famous Buckmark in raised foam on every pad. Bottoms and tops are Ripstop fabric, which reduces sliding around. No more will you have to sleep on the hard ground … Read more »

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Electronic and mouth calls, high-tech camouflage, 3-D coyote decoys, too many attractor decoy options to mention, ultra flat-shooting rifles, shooting rests, high performance ammunition — these are the tools employed by just about every New Age coyote hunter. Well into the 21st century, hunters have entered a new age; a time when technology and information can be used to increase efficiency in the field. With the coyote population explosion, producers and wildlife managers alike are scratching their heads. No solution seems obvious. Coyote numbers remain excessively high and hunting appears to be the only viable management option. Great news for … Read more »

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Bushnell Outdoor Products has introduced the Bushnell X-8 to its line of trail cameras. The Bushnell X-8 gives hunters the dependability and high-quality performance they have come to expect from Bushnell for a budget-friendly price. With its 6 MP full-colour resolution and 36 low-glow infrared night vision LEDs, the X-8 records game activity day or night. Utilizing night vision technology that is virtually invisible to game and a motion-activated, passive infrared (PIR) sensor, the X-8 captures game up to 60 feet away. The camera features an impressive trigger speed of less than one second, and the multi-image mode allows the … Read more »

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Scent Control: Game animals rely on their sense of smell to detect danger. Fooling their nose is a critical part of the bow hunting equation. As the evening sun began its descent, I heard a twig snap. Adrenalin pumping I knew this could only mean one thing: a deer was coming my way. Moments later I glimpsed a patch of hair and heavy antlers behind a tangle of leaves and branches. It was a handsome four-by-four mule deer. Just a few more steps and I would have my shot opportunity. The cool evening air carried the aroma of early fall, … Read more »

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Crosman Corporation has introduced a ground-breaking new, electronic, precharged pneumatic (ePCP) air rifle created for hunters. According to professional hunter Jim Shockey, “The .357 caliber Benjamin Rogue air rifle offers more knock-down power than any .22 cal rimfire.”  The Rogue .357 is a multi-shot repeater equipped with an innovative, micro-processor controlled valve that extends the firing distance and provides accuracy and lethality out to 100 yards,” says Shockey. Ken D’Arcy, Crosman President and CEO, said that the pioneering technologies in this air rifle will, “combine to change the course and perception of airgun hunting in the same way Samuel Colt … Read more »

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