Gear Review: 2012 Can-Am Outlander 650 ATV Family

BRP Can-Am engineers have given the 2012 Can-Am Outlander 650 line of ATVs the most powerful engine under 800cc!

With 60 horsepower, Can-Am claims the Outlander 650 has proven that it can give up 150cc to competitive machines with a larger bore and still come out ahead. Throw in our supreme comfort, value and all-out trail manners and the Outlander 650 is even more appealing. For 2012, the Can-Am Outlander 650 family represents decisive value for the ATV enthusiast. And their hot new Pure Magnesium painted plastic also makes it debut on the 650 XT. And last, but not least, for 2012 Can-Am introduces the Outlander 650 MAX XT-P, which features an Air-Controlled Suspension (ACS) in the rear, XT characteristics and an edgier, performance-based finish.

Features & Benefits

Rotax 650 V-twin engine

At 60 hp, this 80-degree V-twin engine is the most powerful engine below 800cc! The liquid-cooled, single overhead cam powerplant has four valves per cylinder and is fed by a 46mm throttle body and two VDO Siemens‡ fuel injectors. The sophisticated electronic fuel injection system automatically keeps the engine’s performance at its peak, regardless of temperature or altitude. The progressive throttle ensures power is manageable whether in precise rock crawling or opening it up on the straights.

Visco-Lok Front Differential

Progressively transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the gripping one – automatically with no buttons to push or levers to pull. Plus, there’s no wheel hop or driveline wind-up so the system is totally transparent to the driver and extremely easy to steer. Can lock up to 100 per cent with no rev or speed limiter.

Trailing Torsional Independent Rear Suspension

Trailing arm design provides excellent control and stability, especially in rough terrain by eliminating scrub. Wheels move rearward as they move up and down producing a smoother ride than the competition, and the ATV does not waver down the trail. Plus, TTI has 75 per cent fewer parts than competitive designs and significantly decreases tire wear.

Surrounding Spar Technology Frame

Rather than the common tubular box, the SST frame is a single spar that is lightweight, yet strong. It contributes to the Outlander model’s benchmark power-to-weight ratio and low centre of gravity.


  • 26-inch (66cm) carlisle Badlands radial tire
  • Lightweight and great handling tires for the base model
  • Inboard disc brakes
  • Unique design both front and rear reduces unsprung weight and helps centralize masses for more responsive handling.
  • The industry’s first standard anti-theft device. Electronic code in key must match code in ECU to start.
  • Front and rear steel racks
  • 100-pound (45 kg) capacity in front, 200 pounds (90 kg) in back

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