Gear Review: Benjamin Rogue .357 Airgun

Crosman Corporation has introduced a ground-breaking new, electronic, precharged pneumatic (ePCP) air rifle created for hunters.

According to professional hunter Jim Shockey, “The .357 caliber Benjamin Rogue air rifle offers more knock-down power than any .22 cal rimfire.”  The Rogue .357 is a multi-shot repeater equipped with an innovative, micro-processor controlled valve that extends the firing distance and provides accuracy and lethality out to 100 yards,” says Shockey.

Ken D’Arcy, Crosman President and CEO, said that the pioneering technologies in this air rifle will, “combine to change the course and perception of airgun hunting in the same way Samuel Colt changed shooting with the first repeater. Encroaching development and increasing predator encounters have helped with the acceptance of using big bore airguns for urban animal control as well as hunting,” he said. “This venture into big bore hunting airguns is a natural progression for us as we continue to focus our product development on the hunting category.”

The new Benjamin Rogue .357 ePCP hunting air rifle is “different than traditional compressed air PCP or CO2 airguns because of its innovative, patent-pending eVALVE,” said D‟Arcy. “The electronically driven power furnished by the eVALVE promises dramatic changes to the way we are used to hunting with airguns. No other airgun provides as many as 20 shots per fill and shoots at a consistent rate of 150 foot pounds of energy, and certainly not at this price range,” he said.  Crosman Corporation

“The Benjamin Rogue‟s flexibility adds further distinction,” said D’Arcy. “By  adjusting the electronically controlled settings, the Rogue .357 is capable of short and long distance shooting, making it appropriate for both small and larger game hunting,” he said.   “The Rogue‟s velocity ranges from 700 to 1,000 feet per second with knock-down power from 100 foot pounds of energy (fpe) to an astounding 250 fpe. The limitations of traditional close range airgun hunting are all but eliminated with the Rogue. You can now hunt with an airgun that ethically harvests game at considerably longer ranges,” stated D’Arcy.

Equipped with a single air reservoir, the Rogue fills to 3,000 psi. “Thanks to the patent pending eVALVE, the remaining pressure is monitored in the reservoir and maintains constant velocity,” said Terry Neumaster, Crosman product manager. “It solves the problem other big bore PCP guns have of decreasing shot count and reduced knockdown power as the psi decreases.  Unlike our more expensive competition, the Benjamin Rogue .357 continues to deliver powerful shots even with pressure as low as 1,000 psi. This feature makes for remarkably efficient use of the remaining air in the reservoir, resulting in an increased shot count,” he said.

All the information a hunter needs for a day in the field is available on the Rogue‟s built-in EPiC LCD screen. “Accurately displaying the remaining pressure in the air chamber helps  hunters determine how many shots are left before the gun needs to be re-filled,” says Neumaster.

The EPiC screen reports other variables controlled by the micro-processor, including the controls for the e-VALVE.   “By controlling the open time of the  valve via the EPiC controls, you have the option of adjusting your shot velocity. In addition, by making adjustments to the settings for the grain weight of your ammunition, you literally „dial in‟ your preferred power,” according to Neumaster. A heavier load means more knock-down power and, although a heavier load reduces the quantity of shots per fill,  it produces heavier impact on larger game.

“The most exceptional aspect of the Rogue  .357  is  its variability.  No other airgun lets you choose what kind of game you want to hunt, in one package with only a few easy adjustments,” he said. “There is enough power in this air rifle to take a boar-sized animal and, while I like airgun hunting for the challenge of close range pursuit, having one gun that offers both short and long range options is a hunter‟s dream,” says Shockey.  “The Rogue brings airgun hunting beyond pest control and into trophy hunting territory.”

Editor’s Note: Do you think it is ethical to shoot a boar (or similar sized animal) with an airgun? Write us and let us know!

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