Gear Review: HS Strut Sawed-Off Box Call

Attention turkey hunters in BC, Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario: The New H.S. Strut Sawed Off Box Call From Hunter’s Specialties Works Great For Running And Gunning!

The new H.S. Strut Sawed Off box call from Hunter’s Specialties offers turkey hunters the chance to have a true custom made call at a great price.

The Sawed Off box call features a one-piece poplar body and a cherry wood lid. The call is compact and easy to carry and works great for spot and stalk hunting. It easily produces a wide range of turkey sounds.

The call is a traditional non-waterproof design for hunters who like the sound of a chalked lid call. Hunter’s Specialties high friction chalk is included.

The Sawed Off box call sells for a suggested retail price of $12.99.


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