Nothing epitomizes fly fishing like casting to trout in a small stream environment — and here’s how to best target trout in your area. I really enjoy fly fishing small creeks. They offer a tremendous amount of diversity, from small babbling mountainous brooks, to raging torrents, to slick meadow spring creeks. They harbour brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout and arctic grayling add a nice spice to complete a great recipe. However, becoming a small stream fly fisher requires a specific skill set and equipment list. Do you have what it takes? Stream Types There are two broad types of … Read more »

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Keep your line tight and your hooks sharp — here are the four greatest freshwater fisheries in our four Western Provinces. The rod barely twitched. It could have easily been a perch nibbling on a worm. Then it twitched again. “Pick it up,” said our guide, Randy Beck. Obliging, Vanessa gently pulled the rod from the holder and held it firmly, tip low and ever so still. It twitched again. “Wait,” Randy coached. Then the rod began to steadily bend toward the turbid surface of the Fraser River. “Reel down and hit him!” Randy shouted. Vanessa reeled down on the … Read more »

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At times, going bigger isn’t always better. At Rapala, this philosophy holds true with the introduction of the new Ultra Light Minnow and Ultra Light Shad. Designed to offer big action in a small bait, the Ultra Light Minnow stays true to form with a classic minnow profile that packs a powerful underwater punch of action. “Unlike traditional ultra light baits, the Ultra Light Minnow has an added benefit,” said Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions. “This compact bait features a weighted body that allows anglers to cast farther, getting to spots other ultra light baits can’t.” The weighted … Read more »

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A Vancouver man faces combined fines of $5,000 after pleading guilty to two counts under the Wildlife Act after an appearance in Duncan Provincial Court. Sergei Sharov pleaded guilty to one count of hunting during a closed season and one count of unlawful possession of wildlife. He was fined $5,000, of which $4,500 will go to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. Sharov also received a five-year recognizance, including a ban from hunting and being in contact with other hunters. In addition to the penalties imposed, the seized firearm was forfeited to the Crown. At time of press, the co-accused, Everett Clifford … Read more »

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Arrow Placement: Let the air out of them, and game will hit the ground fast! Miss your mark and you could be in for a rodeo. Earlier in the day my wife, Heather, had taken a nice buck. At 18 metres, a flinch sent the arrow through the buck’s shoulder. Nose diving into the ground, it quickly disappeared under cover. Cautiously taking up the trail a half-hour later, we were pleasantly surprised to see her deer had toppled only 60 metres away. It did require a finishing shot, but it wasn’t going anywhere. The fixed blade G5 Montec had broken … Read more »

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With Leica’s ER 2.5-10×42, the hunter will be prepared for a wide variety of shooting situations – from very close to long ranges. With a magnification range of 2.5x to 10x, hunters will be equipped for short, medium and longer range precision targeting. Furthermore, the compact eyepiece and the generous straight tube fore and aft of the turret housing allow exceptional ease of mounting on hunting rifles. When a quick shot is needed, the wide field of view and generous magnification range will enable accurate shot placement. The Leica ER 2.5-10×42 is available with ASV elevation turrets for bullet drop … Read more »

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A Wadena-area-based outfitter was found guilty of wasting game under the Saskatchewan Wildlife Regulations and was fined $4,200 in provincial court in Saskatoon. Sykes R. Mitchell of Sisters, Oregon, was convicted of wasting the edible flesh of 135 snow geese that hunters had shot while using his outfitting service. The charge was laid as the result of a call to the Ministry of Environment in May of 2009. Conservation officers investigated and found that a large number of snow geese had been dumped in a field approximately 20 km northeast of Wadena. The officers determined that individuals employed by Mitchell … Read more »

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If you’re looking to hunt big game — really big game — you need to check out the Ruger Alaskan in .375 Ruger. The .375 H&H Magnum has been around since 1912 when the London firm of Holland and Holland first introduced this trendsetting new cartridge. It has not only survived for well onto a century but has also taken countless game on nearly every continent on this globe. It is unquestionably, along with the .270 and .30-06, one of the most enduring hunting cartridges ever developed — no doubt reaching its crowning glory on African safaris. North American hunters … Read more »

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