Gear Review: Rapala X-Rap and X-Rap Prop

XrapPopRapala is taking the powerful X-Rap line to the surface with the introduction of two topwater maniacs: the X-Rap Pop and the X-Rap Prop.

“I’ve fished with topwater baits throughout my career,” said Mike Iaconelli, Rapala and VMC pro staff member. “But none have come close to the big poppin’, monster splashin’ and scream action of the new X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop.”

Chock-full of X-Rap attitude, the X-Rap Pop is an extreme, action popper-style bait that features a deep-cupped lip. The internal long cast mechanism ensures smooth casting to the strike zone and on the retrieve, the magnified pop-and-splash noise created by the unique head design demands big bass action.


“I’m a big fan of fishing popper-style baits along trees, rocks, docks or flat areas,” said Iaconelli. “After the cast, allow the lure to rest for a few seconds, then, using your wrist, pop the lure two or three times and let the bait rest – then repeat. It will produce a consistent, loud popping action bass scream for.”

The X-Rap Pop features internal laser etched scales and holographic foil that is paired with deep-set 3D holographic eyes for the ultimate presentation. For added enticement, the X-Rap Pop is equipped with a VMC® Feathered Tail Hook and six must- have color patterns including Chartreuse Ghost, Clown, Moss Back Shiner, Pearl Grey Shiner, Silver and Yellow Perch.

Available in size 07, the X-Rap Pop measures 2-¾ inches long, weighs 3/8 ounce with a No. 5 VMC Black Nickel Belly Treble hook.

Prop-style baits have made their mark and are proven to be a very effective topwater technique for catching multiple species. With the introduction of the X-Rap Prop, Rapala is turning the tables with a newly designed, high performing, prop style bait.

The X-Rap Prop is an extreme action bait with front-and-back stainless steel props that provide maximum splash and sound.

“This is a big-noise bait with incredible action,” said Iaconelli. “The counter rotating blades stabilize the bait unlike other prop baits, which provides true tracking on the retrieve.”

Designed for long casting, the X-Rap Prop boasts internal laser-etched scales with holographic foil for optimum flash. It’s 3D holographic eyes seal the deal while the VMC Feather Tail Hook and No. 6 VMC Belly Treble Hooks hold on tight.

Available in size 11, the X-Rap Prop is 4-3/8 inches long and weighs 3/8 ounce. Anglers can choose from six responsive color patterns including Gold Olive, Hot Tiger, Moss Back Shiner, Pearl Grey Shiner, Silver and Yellow Perch.

With the X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop, topwater fishing just got reinvented.

Suggested retail price: X-Rap Pop ($11.49), X-Rap Prop ($12.49)

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