Gear Review: Airbac backpack

airbacAirbac builds a better mousetrap — that is, a brand-new way to carry items in a backpack!

Airbac is a new backpack invention that uses a patented, built-in air cushion technology to prevent back stress and make wearers feel as if they are carrying half the weight or less, as well as protecting the backpack contents, such as a laptop and other valuable gear. Simply pump the air pocket to the desired level, taking only seconds, and the Airbac’s inflated air pockets surround the contents with a shield of air and allow the pack to spread the weight more evenly throughout the back than a standard backpack, with the majority of the weight distributed to the core muscles of the hips and waist and resting easily on the top of the wearer’s gluteal muscles (rear end). 49.99 – $99.99;

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