Grizzly Bear Poaching Conviction

On January 31, 2012, a resident of Buck Creek, Alberta, was convicted in Drayton Valley Provincial Court of unlawfully killing a male sub-adult (two-year old) grizzly bear on September 10, 2010.

Alberta designated grizzly bear as a Threatened species in 2010, and there is not an open hunting season in Alberta.

The defence argued that the bear posed a danger because of its proximity to children and residences in the area. The argument was rejected by the court, and he was convicted by Provincial Court Judge H.W. Fuller under Alberta’s Wildlife Act.

The defendent was ordered to pay a fine of $7,500, of which $7,000 will be directed to be used for enforcement forensic DNA research and development. The defendant was also prohibited from possessing an Alberta hunting licence for a period of three years.


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