These brightly-coloured, affordable spinning combos are brand-new from Daiwa. All D-Shock combos include reels with Digi-gear ultra-smooth retrieves, aluminum spools, graphite bodies and Twist-Buster line-twist reduction. Depending on the model, expect either one, two or four-ball-bearings. The two-piece rods are available in either graphite or fiberglass, and come in a very wide variety of actions. The lightest weight D-Shock combos are rated for between two- and six-pound test, the heaviest are rated for between eight- and 12-pound-test, and come in lengths between five and seven feet, in six-inch increments. Get Hunting & Fishing Articles On Facebook! Do You Like What … Read more »

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Bushnell Outdoor Products has introduced four new Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR and DMR 3.5-21x 50mm Riflescopes. These scopes are part of the Bushnell extended range riflescope (ERS) family designed to give tactical marksmen a powerful optic that works equally well in short or extended range shooting applications. The Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR is available with the Horus H59 and TreMor 2 reticles, and the Elite Tactical DMR features the G2DMR, and Mil-Dot reticles. The 3.5-21x 50mm riflescope gives shooters the flexibility of a wide field of view at low power settings, while providing outstanding image clarity at high magnification. Featuring … Read more »

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When I think back to the thousands of hours I have spent fishing for just about every variety of fish that Canada has to offer, by far and away trolling has consistently produced the most fish. It has proven successful for species as diverse as walleye to rainbow trout — I have even caught bass while trolling. For some species, such as monster Gerrard rainbow trout and offshore salmon, it is a critical element to success. There are many factors that make trolling so successful — it’s not just a matter of dropping a line over the back of your … Read more »

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If you’re looking for an affordable, general-purpose spinning combo, check out the all-new Rapala XTP Split Grip rod-and-reel combos. These medium power, medium action, cork-handled two-piece rods are well-balanced with a smooth and light spinning reel. The reel features a 5.1:1 retrieve ratio, an aluminum spool, multi-point anti-reverse and precision gears and three-bearings that are of a quality that seems beyond the price point. Line capacities (pound-test/yards) are 6/140, 8/80, 10/65 — though with this setup it would be hard to imagine using anything heavier than six-pound-test. The rod — available in either 6’ or 6’6” in the split-grip model … Read more »

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If you’re looking for a Canadian-made solution to both work and play, check out the Canadian Range Trailer. Made in Lantzville, BC, by sportsmen and tradesmen (who know their stuff), this towable trailer converts from work-horse to camper tent-trailer in minutes. All-steel and built-tough, the trailer can often carry more than the vehicle towing it! Unlike conventional tent-trailers, the tent portion is carried atop the trailer box, leaving the box free for storage to and from the camp. Or use it without the tent for day-to-day work needs. Every trailer can be highly customized with items such as water supply … Read more »

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Out there on the open water, there are no roads, no road signs, no traffic lights and, best of all, there is no rush hour traffic. There is just you, your boat and the open water. I must admit that I have a passion for boats. I have owned about everything one can imagine from a 10-foot inflatable to a Bayliner Trophy with a cuddy cabin that would easily sleep four. The key to successful fishing boat ownership is matching, equipping and then maintaining the right boat for the water you intend to spend most of your time fishing on. … Read more »

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It’s the hunter’s ultimate goal — get close to your game. Here’s how to do it effectively. We had been on the trail of a herd of cape buffalo for the better part of three hours when the tracks led directly into a patch of waist-high grass and mopane scrub. As we continued tracking into this less-than-ideal cover, I can assure you that the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The next thing I knew we were right among the herd and had buffalo standing up out of the grass all around us, including a … Read more »

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A dream hunt is made of three things; a unique opportunity, a great area to hunt and the people you make your memories with. This hunt had shaped up to include all of these things. A covered wagon, pack horses, an outfitters tent, a beautiful piece of Alberta and last but not least people who share my passion for the outdoors set the stage for our week long adventure. It was day three. A veil of darkness surrounded us as a warm breeze struck my face. The Chinook winds had returned and hunting would not be easy. Although pleasant to … Read more »

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