The TSN-883 is Kowa’s flagship spotting scope — featuring a large 88mm Diameter Flourite Crystal Lens that greatly reduces chromatic aberration. Despite this large lens, it is still a compact and light scope — weighing 1,520 grams (53.6 ounces) and is 343 mm (13.5 inches) long. The magnesium alloy body decreases the weight of the scope while providing a rugged structure that can withstand the severest conditions. The inner focus system keeps the prism box light and compact while the large 88mm objective lens ensures overwhelming brightness. Furthermore, the dual focus mechanism allows focusing in two revolutions and fine pinpoint … Read more »

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William John McGuire of Duncan Jail Term & Fines A Duncan-area man was sentenced in Duncan Provincial Court on January 27, 2012, to serve more than eight months in jail for failure to pay a court-ordered fine of $35,000, arising from his previous conviction for abalone poaching in contravention of the Fisheries Act. In May 2005, Michael William John McGuire pled guilty to several illegal actions including illegally fishing for abalone and obstructing a fishery officer during the performance of his duties. At sentencing, Mr. McGuire was fined $35,000, forfeited a truck, vessel, boat trailer, fishing equipment and underwater dive … Read more »

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The new Long Ranger elk call from Wayne Carlton’s Calls provides plenty of volume and works great as a long range bull locator. The Long Ranger call features an easy to blow open reed design with an adjustable band for quick tone adjustments. The call is small and compact enough to fit in a pocket, yet provides plenty of volume. The Long Ranger call sells for a suggested retail price of $9.95 and is also available as a combo with the Fight’n Cow Call, a small open reed call that makes the high pitched sounds of a cow elk fight … Read more »

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Here is a delicious, versatile meatloaf that’s as good hot as it is cold. When I was a kid learning the tricks of the trade, Uncle Stan was always voted by the gang to be camp cook at our family’s deer hunting camp in Muskoka, Ontario — and he tackled the job with a true passion for cooking! Of course, there was nothing I enjoyed more than being his partner in the ol’ hunting camp kitchen where I learned to make everything on the menu from scratch like buttermilk pancakes, biscuits, hearty stews and baked beans… all of which were … Read more »

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Every once in a while a new product comes along that simply changes — for the better — the way we hunt. The Vendetta Archery Rangefinder is just such a product. The Vendetta is designed to mount right on your bow giving you a precise digital distance to your target, even while you are at full draw. Just think of the advantage as you avoid excess movement and wasted time involved with ranging the target with your present rangefinder and then putting it away — and that all takes place before you even pick up your bow for a shot. … Read more »

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Fishing season is in full swing — and if you’re looking for a new spinning or casting rod, check out these offerings from Rapala. Rapala Axiom Spinning Combo Try Rapala’s new Axiom Spinning combos. These great new combos feature lightweight, sensitive graphite rods with blank-through-handle construction, split-grip cork, graphite reel seats and virtually friction-free eyes matched with aluminum-frame reels that feature Sure-Set anti-reverse, nine sealed stainless ball bearings and large line capacities. The combo comes in 6’6” or 7’ lengths (two-piece), medium or medium/heavy power, fast-action with line-weight ratings of 4- to 12- or 6- to 17-pound test. A great … Read more »

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How to mount a scope and sight in your rifle. Mounting a scope and sighting in a rifle — it may sound like a simple process and it can be, if done correctly, but it can also be the prelude to an array of problems. The worst of such problems could be a missed shot at a buck of a lifetime. It seems that on nearly every trip I make to the range these days I end up helping someone having a problem with a poorly mounted scope or with sighting in a rifle. Long ago I lost count of … Read more »

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Carlin Nordstrom of North Battleford $40,902 in total fines A North Battleford area resident, Carlin Nordstrom, has been convicted of unlawfully importing and exporting wildlife into and out of Saskatchewan and has been fined a total of $40,902 under The Wildlife Act and the federal Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act in provincial court in North Battleford. In cooperation with Canadian and US Border Service and the Alberta and US Fish and Wildlife agencies, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment investigated numerous incidents of illegal imports/exports of wildlife in Saskatchewan. As a result of the … Read more »

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