Browning Hidalgo Shooting Bags

HidalgoGo to the shooting range with style using one of Browning’s new Hidalgo shooting bags.

Hidalgo bags are well constructed and designed to hold boxes of shells and other shooting accessories. Included in the line of Hidalgo bags are the Single Box Holder, Shell Pouch, Six Box Holder and the Range Bag.

For shotgun shooters on the range the Single Box Holder and Shell Pouch allow shooter easy access to shells. The Single Box Holder holds one box of shells and attaches to the shooter’s belt with a metal clip. The Hidalgo Shell Pouch has a large double compartment and an adjustable belt with quick release buckle.

For larger gear and ammunition loads, the Hidalgo Six Box Holder and Range Bag allow shooters to carry all of their necessary gear. The Hidalgo Six Box Holder will hold up to six boxes of shotgun shells and has sturdy web handles to carry it out to the range. The Six Box Holder also features two accessory pockets.

The Hidalgo Range Bag has a large oversized main body that will hold up to 10 boxes of shotgun shells and features a pop open top that stays open for quick access into the bag. The range bag also has 5 large double zipper accessory pockets. For easy carrying, the Hidalgo Range Bag has 2 comfortable padded handles and adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Suggested Retail Price – Hidalgo Single Box Holder $10.50
  • Suggested Retail Price – Hidalgo Shell Pouch $22.00
  • Suggested Retail Price – Hidalgo Six Box Holder $18.50
  • Suggested Retail Price – Hidalgo Range Bag $65.00

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