I hunt because I love the challenge. I hunt because I love the outdoors. I hunt because I love the tranquility of the wilderness. I hunt because I love the intense feeling of adrenaline infusing my body after hearing a bull moose grunt. Hearing animals before you see them is heart-pounding excitement. Your imagination is completely free to daydream of abnormally sized antlers, long hanging bells and perhaps even multiple bulls. I’ve hunted moose for well over 20 years in a variety of ways: tracking and pushing, ambushing from tree stands, spotting and stalking feeding areas, but my preferred method … Read more »

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Despite significant advancements in factory ammunition, there is still something about loading your own ammunition that brings a real sense of accomplishment. I liken it to fly tying where the product you manufacture has a direct bearing on your potential success. However, an issue that all shooters face whether you are a reloader or not is copper fouling, particularly with the advent of some of the new bullets on the market these days. I know that I constantly battle this problem and have spent considerable time and effort keeping my barrels copper free. Thankfully, Hodgdon has taken this problem head … Read more »

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A while back I had a reader call me and ask what type of footwear he could use on stand as he was heading out to Saskatchewan for a late-season deer hunt. He went on to add that he has tried a number of approaches and none seemed to work that well when it got really cold. I had to commiserate with him as this is not an easy problem to solve but passed on what has worked reasonably well for me in the past. That was until I discovered Hot Mocs Shoe/Boot Covers that guarantee they will keep your … Read more »

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Knowing the secrets to hunting permission. It was a series of lovesick cow calls that had brought in the biggest bull moose I’ve ever seen while I had a moose tag in my pocket to a mere 200 metres away. If I could get him another 20 metres closer and across the fence, it would be a 180-metre shot and the big bull would come home with me for the winter. After 15 minutes of calling, I knew the bull was losing interest. I did my best to sound like the sexiest and loneliest cow moose in the woods, but … Read more »

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 The next most important element in stand-hunting success beyond site selection is comfort while you sit many hours and wait out the big buck that your trail cam has told you lives in these woods. If you are comfortable, you will not only stay longer, but move around less and enjoy the experience more fully. A comfortable chair or seat is central to that comfort. And I have tried more than my share of seat cushions and folding field chairs and while all worked to varying degrees I have always been on the lookout for a one chair answer — … Read more »

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Spend this summer sharpening your shooting skills — fall comes quick, and you need to be ready. And that’s where the Ruger K77/22-VBZ comes in… As a young lad I wandered the hills and coulees of Southern Alberta with my trusty Daisy BB gun and dreamed of the day when I would eventually own my first .22 calibre rifle. That day finally came when I had socked away enough hard earned paper route money to buy a Cooey .22 calibre single-shot rifle. I then spent every spare dime I made on buying ammo for that rifle. In the ensuing years … Read more »

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I must admit that when it comes to electronic technology I most likely would be considered prehistoric or, at the very least, antiquated. I like it simple — that is not to say that modern technology has escaped me, it has not, but in many ways it has gotten so complicated that one almost needs a course on just how to run some of this technology. Not so with the Bushnell BackTrack HuntTrack GPS.  It was designed with users just like me in mind by offering a simple navigation hand held GPS that allows the user an easy way to … Read more »

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As hunters we should never underestimate the importance of a quality pair of binoculars. They are often as vital to success as your rifle. They not only assist in finding game but also in determining sex, legal status and trophy quality. I know I spend more time glassing on a given hunt than I do anything else. Steiner has developed a series of binoculars with just the hunter in mind. The Predator Xtreme is the sixth generation of Steiner’s contrast enhancing optics. The new optical coatings on these lenses allow you to see more contrast and, additionally, they make your … Read more »

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