Gear Review: Bushnell BackTrack HuntTrack

8.-Bushnell-HuntTrack-2I must admit that when it comes to electronic technology I most likely would be considered prehistoric or, at the very least, antiquated. I like it simple — that is not to say that modern technology has escaped me, it has not, but in many ways it has gotten so complicated that one almost needs a course on just how to run some of this technology.

Not so with the Bushnell BackTrack HuntTrack GPS.  It was designed with users just like me in mind by offering a simple navigation hand held GPS that allows the user an easy way to mark waypoints and find their way back without a lot of unnecessary or complicated features. It will allow the user to mark up to five standard and 20 additional storable locations while providing simple distance and directions to each location. Just think how easy it will be to return to your favourite tree stand, to a downed animal or find your way back to camp in a dense fog or out of a very thick piece of bush or tree covered terrain. It has what Bushnell refers to as a “breadcrumbs” feature that allows users to record the exact route taken and then follow it back. It also has a go-to capability and will provide time, temperature, altitude and the current latitude/longitude coordinates. It has a self-calibrating digital compass and you can upload up to 48 hours of trip data to a PC or MAC with the use of the free HuntTrack software, including stats from each trip such as length of trip, average speed, elevations and temperature. But what sets this unit apart is its ability to accurately provide information on peak periods of game movements. It is compact in size making your next trip afield that much safer and potentially more productive. It is brown with black trim and includes a UBS cable.  The MSRP is $130.

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