Gear Review: Hodgon Copper Fouling Eraser Powder

5.-Hodgson-Copper-Fouling-Eraser-PowderDespite significant advancements in factory ammunition, there is still something about loading your own ammunition that brings a real sense of accomplishment.

I liken it to fly tying where the product you manufacture has a direct bearing on your potential success. However, an issue that all shooters face whether you are a reloader or not is copper fouling, particularly with the advent of some of the new bullets on the market these days. I know that I constantly battle this problem and have spent considerable time and effort keeping my barrels copper free. Thankfully, Hodgdon has taken this problem head on with the introduction of CFE 223. The Copper Fouling Eraser ingredient in this powder was originally developed for use in military powder to reduce copper fouling in barrels that see a lot more use than the average shooter’s barrels ever will. As a result, we are now afforded better accuracy over longer periods and less barrel cleaning time. Both are a real plus, but it is also a spherical powder, which as a reloader I really appreciate as it meters so accurately. Even better than this powder’s ease of metering is its ability to produce some outstanding velocities. As an example, it can push a 55-grain bullet out of a .22-250 at over 3,850 feet per second. It is designed to be used in a whole array of cartridges from the .17 Remington right up to the .375 Ruger.

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