Gear Review: Sitting Hawk All-Terrain Pack Chair

 3a.Sitting-Hawk-All-Terrain-Pack-Chair-2The next most important element in stand-hunting success beyond site selection is comfort while you sit many hours and wait out the big buck that your trail cam has told you lives in these woods.

If you are comfortable, you will not only stay longer, but move around less and enjoy the experience more fully. A comfortable chair or seat is central to that comfort. And I have tried more than my share of seat cushions and folding field chairs and while all worked to varying degrees I have always been on the lookout for a one chair answer — enter the Sitting Hawk All-Terrain Pack Chair. This chair is designed with telescoping legs that allow you to sit on uneven ground and the angle of the front legs limits them from sinking into the ground, mud or gravel, a real plus when you are already on uneven ground. It is constructed of aluminum that is powder coated in flat black and has a detachable pad that consists of a seat which actually is two pieces, a hard four-cm (1.5-inch) piece of foam and a five-cm (two-inch) piece of convoluted foam and a back pad that is constructed with two-inches of convoluted foam. The sitting height ranges from 25 to 50 cm (10 to 19 inches) offering different heights for blind windows or your own comfort. At a weight of only four kg (8.5 pounds) it can handle up to 140 kg (300 pounds) and with its design and carrying straps can easily be turned into a back pack for carrying gear or even game. The pads are available in either Lost Camo by Mathews (210 grams/7.5 oz. brushed poly; water resistant) or Mossy Oak Breakup (200 grams/7 oz. 60/40 poly/cotton blend). The MSRP is $135.

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