Gear Review: Steiner Predator Xtreme Binoculars

1.-Steiner-Predator-Xtreme-10x42-2As hunters we should never underestimate the importance of a quality pair of binoculars. They are often as vital to success as your rifle.

They not only assist in finding game but also in determining sex, legal status and trophy quality. I know I spend more time glassing on a given hunt than I do anything else. Steiner has developed a series of binoculars with just the hunter in mind. The Predator Xtreme is the sixth generation of Steiner’s contrast enhancing optics. The new optical coatings on these lenses allow you to see more contrast and, additionally, they make your eyes more perceptive especially under low light or dimly lit conditions. They also help you spot hidden game, as the green coating blocks the blues of haze and the greens of foliage and boasts wildlife colours such as browns and reds. They are rubber armoured and I found them to be very ergonomically designed to fit very nicely in my hands. They are also nitrogen filled and are water-pressure-proof to five metres. The 10×42 model weighs 800 grams (28.4 ounces) and has a generous eye relief of 16 mm. The Predator line offers models from the compact 8×22 right up to the Predator Pro 12×42, and each pair comes with its own individually thermo molded case. For German engineered optics at a MSRP of $250 for the 8×22 to $600 for the 10×42, they are not that hard on your pocket book either.

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