Simmons Black LED Trail Camera

simmons prohunterThe new Simmons ProHunter features 32 black LEDs that capture game activity up to 45 feet away, with full-colour daytime images and high-quality black and white nighttime images.

With a dependable nine-month battery life and a trigger speed of less than one second, the ProHunter has features and capabilities previously unavailable for less than $200.

In addition to crisp, clear images, the Simmons ProHunter gives hunters the ability to capture 5 to 60 second video clips complete with audio from the field. The new Simmons time lapse technology allows users to configure the camera to capture images or video at preset time intervals (from one minute to one hour) and record game activity not within range of the camera’s sensor.

Date, time and moon stamps on every image make it possible to record an added level of detail from each sighting. The ProHunter features a 6MP camera, which can also be programmed to capture 2 or 4MP images if memory space is a concern.

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