With their Encore line Thompson/Center has provided hunters the opportunity to buy a gun with a particular barrel, be it a .50 calibre muzzleloader, 12- or 20-gauge rifled barrel, centrefire barrel or even a rimfire barrel, and then interchange them. However, all were based on a single shot platform. No longer as T/C has just raised the crossbar to a new level with what they refer to as the “most technologically advanced bolt-action rifle ever made.” The Dimension offers the same general concept of interchangeability as the Encore but does so in a bolt-action centrefire rifle with a choice of … Read more »

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I must admit I’m always on the lookout for a new design in hunting knives that will better what is already out there — and today that is no small feat. There are just a lot of good knives on the market these days, so it must be outstanding or my interest wanes very quickly. The new Gerber Folding Sheath Knife caught and held my interest for a number of reasons. While not important to the function of the knife the first thing that caught my eye was the modernistic colour, as the handle, blade and case consist of two … Read more »

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In order to be a successful goose hunter, hoping to take a mixed bag limit of geese, you need to start thinking like these birds. In the pale morning light, a few silhouettes appeared against the eastern skyline. The birds were headed in our direction but fighting a brisk, west wind. As they neared the fenceline of our field the distinct cackle of speckle-bellied geese let us know that these unique Arctic birds were the first off the roost. This small flight of 12 birds slowly approached as they fought to move into the wind. Instead of circling out decoy … Read more »

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My first sheep hunt into the eastern slope of the Rockies pushes the clock back over 40 years and the boots I used all but ruined that hunt. They offered no support, the all but flat soles were constantly slipping on the rocky terrain and as soon as they got wet they got sloppy and I developed blisters in no time. I was barely able to get back out of the mountains. Thankfully, no longer do those of us who seek lofty vistas and the high country game they offer need to even consider boots that are better suited to … Read more »

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Here’s a tasty recipe that is well-suited for a less-than-platter-perfect bird! It’s always been a big winner with my gang, especially when served with an array of homemade, mouthwatering dipping sauces that make dunking exciting and fun. These crispy, golden turkey fingers can be served as an appetizer, in which case you’ll find the breast of your special prize will whet the appetites of the whole hunting party. Of course, if you are going to be serving them as the main meal of the day, you’ll want to pair the fingers up with French fries in order for a pound … Read more »

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I have used FoodSaver products for years. They have been the answer for storage of much of my wild game and fish. Vacuum sealing has allowed me to store both game and fish for much longer periods of time than I would have otherwise considered feasible. Despite their all but indispensable home-based use, I often would have liked to take a unit into the field, but could not as they were strictly bound to an electrical outlet. Well, no longer with the introduction of the new FoodSaver GameSaver Silver unit. It is totally portable as long as you have access … Read more »

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There’s nothing like shooting a big bore calibre rifle — and here are four of the best. Big bore calibre rifles have always fascinated me. Their sheer size and the ability to pack tons of knock down energy is simply impressive and, when hunting dangerous game, they are the weapon of choice. But the question could readily be asked, “What actually qualifies as big bore rifle?” From my perspective, the minimum calibre has to be a .375. The .375, in many African countries is also the minimum calibre permitted for hunting dangerous game. I have owned my fair share from … Read more »

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Unfortunately every year outdoor enthusiasts succumb to the elements often due to the lack of preparation. Whether from a misadventure or a mishap the results are the same — they either aren’t prepared for a survival situation or do not have sufficient knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness. Enter Adventure Medical Kits — SOL Escape Bivvy, it will change the way we think of survival bags. I have used a number in the past as a temporary way to get out of sudden severe weather and have on more than one occasion used them to overnight on a … Read more »

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