Gear Review: Adventure Medical Kits — SOL Escape Bivvy

image of escape bivvyUnfortunately every year outdoor enthusiasts succumb to the elements often due to the lack of preparation. Whether from a misadventure or a mishap the results are the same — they either aren’t prepared for a survival situation or do not have sufficient knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness.

Enter Adventure Medical Kits — SOL Escape Bivvy, it will change the way we think of survival bags. I have used a number in the past as a temporary way to get out of sudden severe weather and have on more than one occasion used them to overnight on a mountain side when I could not make it back to camp.  But the condensation was all but intolerable. I ended up as wet on the inside as the ground was on the outside. No longer, as the Escape Bivvy proprietary fabric lets moisture escape while at the same time keeping the rain, snow and wind on the outside. All the while it reflects your body heat back to you. You can close its 90 x 215 cm (36 x 84 inches) right up, sealing all the weather out with a side zip and a drawstring hood or you can use it like a sleeping bag. Its bright orange colour will be very easy to spot in a search and its light weight of only 285 grams (9.9 ounces) will make packing it along on your ATV, in your boat, aircraft or even in your vehicle a breeze.  At the MSRP of only $50, it just may save your life one day or, at the very least, from a very cold night in the woods.

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