Gear Review: Barnett Ghost 400

barnett-2Super-fast speed, light-weight and amazing accuracy? That’s the Barnett Ghost 400 crossbow.

The all-new Ghost with CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) by Barnett Crossbows is one seriously fast shooter. Barnett has the only patent-protected, ultralight, super strong Carbon riser available for Crossbows — and the CRT Riser boasts an incredible 5:1 safety factor. Shooting incredibly fast arrow speeds, the Ghost 400 also comes complete with Barnett’s AVI technology molded over laminated limbs, which reduces noise and vibration up to 30 per cent. The Aluminum flight track, Crosswire Strings and Whiplash Cams also provides a smoother, faster, quieter and more precise shot in a compact fit. Did we mention it shoots up to 400 fps?

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