Gear Review: Federal Vital-Shok Copper Sabot Slug

7a.Federal-Vital-Shok-Sabot-Slug-2The era of the slug gun hunter has never been better. Over the past decade, huge strides forward have been made in both guns and ammo.

With the right ammo, rifled-barrel slug guns are capable of accuracy today only dreamed of when I first started hunting deer with a smooth-bored shotgun. Federal has once again raised the bar on slug ammo with the introduction of the Vital-Shok Trophy Copper Sabot Slug. Rather than simply tackling one aspect of performance they tackled every aspect including accuracy, bullet drop, recoil and terminal performance. They’ve made improvements on all four with the use of a two-part sabot that includes a round disc behind the main sabot, which provides a very clean launch from the barrel resulting in much improved accuracy. Additionally, the externally skived, deep slug cavity provides superior penetration while the polymer tip and sleek profile increase the bullet’s ballistic performance for improved downrange velocity and “drop ‘em in their tracks” energy. And last, they are designed to provide top-notch performance in extreme temperatures, a real plus for Western Canadian hunters.

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